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Miroslav Ćirić - Research

Primary directions of current research

Fuzzy relations:
Fuzzy equivalences, fuzzy quasi-orders, uniform fuzzy relations, fuzzy relation equations,
applications to fuzzy control, social network analysis, etc.
Fuzzy automata and languages:
Algebraic theory of fuzzy automata and languages, determinization, state reduction,
bisimulation and structural equivalence, fuzzy regular expressions and their conversion
to fuzzy automata, relationships with nondeterministic and deterministic automata,
applications to discrete event systems, etc.
Weighted automata:
Weighted automata over semirings, especially over additively idempotent semirings,
weighted automata over strong bimonoids, determinization, state reduction,
bisimulation and structural equivalence, weighted regular expressions.

Secondary directions of current research

Semigroups: subdirect decompositions, band decompositions, etc.
Semirings: idempotent semirings, subdirect decompositions,etc.
Project scheduling, etc.

Former research directions

Automata and formal languages:
Universal algebra:
Ordered sets and lattices:
Rings and semirings: