Scientists from Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics in Niš on Stanford's list of the most influential scientists in the world

Stanford University published a list of the 2% most influential scientists in the world based on a standardized metric of citations of all scientists and scientific disciplines throughout the scientist's career.


From the Faculty of Sciences and Matemathics, this list includes prof. Dr. Niko Radulović.

Taking into account all reference criteria for the calendar year 2022, Stanford's list of 2% of the most influential scientists in the world includes the following scientists from the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Niš:


Department of Chemistry:

  • prof. Dr. Niko Radulović

Department of Mathematics:

  • prof. Dr Ljubiša Kočinac,
  • prof. Dr. Dijana Mosić,
  • prof. Dr. Dragan S. Djordjevic

Department of Computer Science:

  • prof. Dr. Predrag Stanimirović

Department of Biology and Ecology:

  • prof. Dr. Zorica Stojanović-Radić

More info here: https://elsevier.digitalcommonsdata.com/datasets/btchxktzyw/6