Dr Miloš S. Кrstić

senior scientific associate
Department of Mathematics

Miloš Krstić was born on July 30, 1983. in Leskovac, where he finished elementary school and high school. He enrolled at the Faculty of Economics in Nis in 2002. He graduated in 2008 with an average score of 9.83 (nine and 83/100). He enrolled in master studies at the Faculty of Economics in Nis in 2009, and finished in 2010 with the work entitled Concepts of Economic Rationality in Rational Choice Theory. He presented his doctoral dissertation entitled Theoretical Models of Rational Behavior in Contemporary Economics on May 17, 2014 before the commission composed of: Prof. dr Dragan Petrović (mentor), Prof. dr Dragoslav Kitanović and Prof. dr Slavica Manić and thus acquired the title of Doctor of Science - Economics.

He is employed at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics in Nis, where he is engaged as a research associate. He has published one monograph and dozens of papers in scientific journals as well as in thematic proceedings of national and international importance. His areas of research are: modern economic paradigms and macroeconomics.

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