Computer Science

welcome to the department of computer science

Studies at the Department of Computer Science are designed to create leading computer science experts, capable of designing and implementing software, developing and applying algorithms and models of artificial intelligence, as well as processing and managing information.

Our study programs include carefully selected cutting-edge software development technologies. We train the students for software development in the most popular programming languages: Java, C++, Microsoft .Net, Python, and PHP; for programming and use of MySQL, Windows, and Android platforms; for the development and implementation of machine learning models on multiple GPUs, and many others. After mastering the basics of programming, the students have the opportunity to follow their interests, focus on a specific area, and acquire specialized knowledge through a plethora of elective courses.

The IT sector has become a leading branch of the world economy. A job in the IT sector is not difficult to find, and based on our experience, our students have the opportunity of getting an internship or a job and working successfully in leading domestic and international companies as early as during the Bachelor’s Degree Program. Teaching is oriented toward the practical application of knowledge and implementation of projects. With this approach, we provide the opportunity for the advancement and development of both creative and competitive spirit. It could be said that it has become a tradition for our IT teams and individuals to win awards at numerous competitions.

Regardless of your prior knowledge, we believe that the Department of Computer Science is the right choice for you. Lectures and exercises are adapted to different levels of expertise, and active participation in classes and problem analysis teaches the students that there are no unsolvable tasks.

Department of Computer science

Departman za računarske nauke

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