Mathematics is a science that has developed for centuries due to the growing need for solving specific issues from the real world, and as a theory which would often suddenly find an unexpected, yet important application. The great strength and beauty of mathematics lie in its possibility to reduce complex concrete problems to a mathematical model through a process of abstraction, arriving at an accurate or sufficiently precise, approximate solution by employing a strict deduction process (and sometimes by using a computer for certain complex calculations). Mathematics provides a powerful tool for problem-solving in natural, technical, and social sciences, which renders mathematicians irreplaceable in clarifying and predicting various phenomena of the outside world.

The Department of Mathematics at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics in Niš is one of the oldest departments at the Faculty and has existed for nearly half a century. Through the Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs at our department, the students are given an opportunity to choose their area of interest and acquire practical knowledge for various jobs. Nowadays, mathematicians work in primary and secondary schools, colleges of vocational studies, universities, research institutes, IT companies, banks, insurance companies, stock markets, institutes of risk assessment and management, statistical institutes, or large companies where they participate in the decision-making and quality-control processes, as well as in development and research centers, both in the country and abroad.

Department of mathematics

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