Dr Branimir Т. Тodorović

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science

Branimir Todorović was born on March 21, 1967. years in Nis. He finished elementary school in Gabrovac, and high school in Nis with great success. He completed full-time studies at the Faculty of Electronics in Nis in 1991 in the field of Computer Engineering and Informatics, with an average grade of 8.97 during his studies and a grade of 10 at the graduation exam.
He defended his master's thesis entitled: "Incremental adaptation of parameters and structure of the neural network of radial basis functions with direct signal propagation", on September 20, 2000. year and thus fulfilled the condition for acquiring the academic title of Master of Electrical Engineering.
He defended his doctoral dissertation entitled: "Sequential adaptation of parameters and structure of recurrent neural networks of radial basic functions using nonlinear non-Gaussian filters" on June 3, 2005 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade and thus fulfilled the conditions for science.
Until 2007, he worked at the Faculty of Occupational Safety, University of Nis. He was elected assistant professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Nis, on October 1, 2007. He was elected Associate Professor in 2012.
He participated in 2 (two) commissions for evaluation and defense of master's theses and 3 (three) commissions for evaluation and defense of doctoral dissertations.
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