Volume 33, Number 12, 2019

  1. Positive Periodic Solutions for Second-Order Neutral Differential Equations with Time-Dependent Deviating Arguments, 3627-3638
  2. Zhibo Cheng, Feifan Lia, Shaowen Yao

  3. The Product-Type Operators from Logarithmic Bloch Spaces to Zygmund-Type Spaces, 3639- 3653
  4. Yongmin Liu, Yanyan Yu

  5. New Extensions of Polygroups by Polygroups, 3655-3668
  6. Lumnije K. Shehu, Hani A. Khashan

  7. Ruscheweyh-Type Harmonic Functions with Correlated Coefficients, 3669-3682
  8. Jacek Dziok

  9. Measures of Noncompactness on the Standard Hilbert C* -Module, 3683-3695
  10. Dragoljub J. Kečkić, Zlatko Lazović

  11. Asymmetric Truncated Toeplitz Operators and Conjugations, 3697-3710
  12. M. Cristina Câmara, Kamila Kliś–Garlicka, Marek Ptak

  13. Caristi Type and Meir-Keeler Type Fixed Point Theorems, 3711-3721
  14. Abhijit Pant, R. P. Pant, M. C. Joshi

  15. Integral Operator Acting on Weighted Dirichlet Spaces to Morrey Type Spaces, 3723-3736
  16. Liu Yang

  17. Fixed Points for α-βE-Geraghty Contractions on b-Metric Spaces and Applications to Matrix Equations, 3737-3750
  18. Hassen Aydi, Abdelbasset Felhi, Erdal Karapınar, Hind AlRubaish, Maha AlShammari

  19. Some Operator Inequalities for Operator Means and Positive Linear Maps, 3751-3758
  20. Jianguo Zhao

  21. L1 -Convergence of Double Trigonometric Series, 3759-3771
  22. Karanvir Singh, Kanak Modi

  23. On the Convexity of Functions, 3773-3781
  24. Ata Abu-As’ad, Omar Hirzallah

  25. On Approximately Harmonic h-Convex Functions Depending on a Given Function, 3783-3793
  26. Muhammad Uzair Awan, Muhammad Aslam Noor, Marcela V. Mihai, Khalida Inayat Noor, Nousheen Akhtar

  27. Systems of Implicit Fractional Fuzzy Differential Equations with Nonlocal Conditions, 3795-3822
  28. Nguyen Thi Kim Son, Nguyen Phuong Dong

  29. On Generalized Implicit Operator Equilibrium Problems, 3823-3831
  30. Tirth Ram, Anu Kumari Khanna

  31. Certain Results of Hybrid Families of Special Polynomials Associated with Appell Sequences, 3833-3844
  32. Ghazala Yasmin, Abdulghani Muhyi

  33. Computing Bifurcations Behavior of Mixed Type Singular Time-Fractional Partial Integrodifferential Equations of Dirichlet Functions Types in Hilbert Space with Error Analysis, 3845-3853
  34. Banan Maayah, Feras Yousef, Omar Abu Arqub, Shaher Momani, Ahmed Alsaedi

  35. The Extended Odd Family of Probability Distributions with Practice to a Submodel, 3855-3867
  36. Hassan S. Bakouch, Christophe Chesneau, Muhammad Nauman Khan

  37. On Approximately Dual Frames for Hilbert C* -Modules, 3869-3875
  38. Ljiljana Arambašić

  39. Approximation of the Block Numerical Range of Block Operator Matrices, 3877-3881
  40. Jiahui Yu, Alatancang Chen, Junjie Huang, Jiaojiao Wu

  41. E-Eigenvalue Inclusion Theorems for Tensors, 3883-3891
  42. Caili Sang, Jianxing Zhao

  43. Globally Asymptotic Stability of a Stochastic Mutualism Model with Saturated Response, 3893-3900
  44. Jingliang Lv, Heng Liu, Yifeng Zhang

  45. On a Projective Conformal Semi-Symmetric Connection, 3901-3912
  46. Jingshi Cui, Jon Chol Yong, Ho Tal Yun, Peibiao Zhao

  47. Radii of Starlikeness and Convexity for Harmonic Functions Defined by Shear Construction, 3913-3924
  48. Rasoul Aghalary, Mehdi Jahani Rad, Santosh Joshi

  49. Asymptotic Distribution with Random Indices for Linear Processes, 3925-3935
  50. Yu Miao, Qinghui Gao, Shuili Zhang

  51. The Study of Global Stability of a Diffusive Beddington-Deangelis and Tanner Predator-Prey Model, 3937-3946
  52. Demou Luo

  53. Stability Behaviour of Mathematical Model MERS Corona Virus Spread in Population, 3947-3960
  54. Muhammad Tahir, Syed Inayat Ali Shah, Gul Zaman, Tahir Khan

  55. Pseudospectra in a Non-Archimedean Banach Space and Essential Pseudospectra in Eω, 3961-3976
  56. Aymen Ammar, Ameni Bouchekoua, Aref Jeribi

  57. The Polar-Like Decomposition and its Applications, 3977-3983
  58. Hongxing Wang, Xiaoji Liu