Welcome to the department of Chemistry

Chemistry is classified as a natural, experimental science, and its fundamental task is studying the structure, characteristics and chemical changes of substances, as well as establishing the laws by which these changes occur. If we look a little bit further from the general definition through the eyes of a careful beholder, we will see that chemistry is everywhere around us. It could be said that it is fascinating because people often think of it as something magical, incomprehensible, artistic, and above all scientific. The noble duty of a chemist is to depict the beauty of findings uncovered by chemistry in the clearest and most creative way possible. One of the strongest motives is that what we see, hear, smell, eat, and touch includes the existence of chemical substances of different structure and nature, as well as a plethora of chemical reactions and interactions. The places where chemical reactions occur vary from the smallest structural unit of living beings – a cell, to the vast area of the space. In sum, a better knowledge of chemistry means a clearer understanding of the world.

Since chemistry has a wide reach, its findings are applied daily in pharmacy, biotechnology, medicine, metallurgy, forensics, art, etc. The need for professional staff in the fields of general, inorganic, organic, analytical, physical, applied, and industrial chemistry is increasing day by day, and the carefully designed and modernized study programs of the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree at the Department of Chemistry offer an opportunity for lifelong and high-quality education, specialization, as well as job opportunities both in the country and abroad.