Volume 30, Number 13, 2016


1. Four Games on Boolean Algebras, 3389-3395

Miloš S. Kurilić , Boris Šobot

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613389K

2. Moore-Penrose Inverse of Product Operators in Hilbert C*-Modules, 3397-3402

Mehdi Mohammadzadeh Karizaki, Mahmoud Hassani, Maryam Amyari

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613397M

3. The Singular Acyclic Matrices of Even Order with a P-Set of Maximum Size, 3403-3409

Zhibin Du, Carlos M. da Fonseca

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613403D

4. Convex Sets in Proximal Relator Spaces, 3411-3414

J. F. Peters

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613411P

5. An Inequality for Similarity Condition Numbers of Unbounded Operators with Schatten - von Neumann Hermitian Components, 3415-3425

Michael Gil'

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613415G

6. Periodic Orbits of Nonlinear First-Order General Periodic Boundary Value Problem, 3427-3434

Feng Wang, Fang Zhang, Hailong Zhu, Shengjun Li

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613427W

7. Design of Exponential State Estimators for Neutral-Type Neural Networks with Mixed Time Delays, 3435-3449

Bo Du

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613435D

8. The Minimal Kirchhoff Index of Graphs with a Given Number of Cut Vertices, 3451-3463

Kexiang Xu, Hongshuang Liu, Yujun Yang, Kinkar Ch. Das

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613451X

9. A Geometric Characterization of Homogeneous Production Models in Economics, 3465-3471

Xiaoshu Wang

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613465W

10. Upper Bounds for the Signless Laplacian Spectral Radius of Graphs on Surfaces, 3473-3481

Xiaodan Chen, Yaoping Hou

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613473C

11. Statistical αβ-Summability and Korovkin Type Approximation Theorem, 3483-3491

Ali Karaisa

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613483K

12. On 3-Arc-Transitive Covers of the Dodecahedron Graph, 3493-3499

Jicheng Ma

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613493M

13. On Wijsman Ideal Convergent Set of Sequences Defined by an Orlicz Function, 3501-3509

Hafize Gümüş

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613501G

14. Second Order Alternating Harmonic Number Sums, 3511-3524

Anthony Sofo

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613511S

15. Comultiplication Structures for a Wedge of Spheres, 3525-3546

Dae-Woong Lee

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613525L

16. Existence of Unbounded Positive Solutions of Boundary Value Problems for Differential Systems on Whole Lines, 3547-3564

Yuji Liu

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613547L

17. Some Properties of New Classes of Analytic Functions, 3565-3574

Yuan Yuan, Jin-Lin Liu

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613565Y

18. Completeness of 3-Generalized Metric Spaces, 3575-3585

Tomonari Suzuki

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613575S

19. Spectra of 2 x 2 Upper Triangular Operator Matrices, 3587-3599

Junjie Huang, Aichun Liu, Alatancang Chen

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613587H

20. A Companion of Ostrowski Type Integral Inequality Using a 5-Step Kernel with Some Applications, 3601-3614

Ather Qayyum, Muhammad Shoaib, Ibrahima Faye

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613601Q

21. Sufficient Conditions for a Certain General Class of Carathéodory Functions, 3615-3625

Qing-Hua Xu, Ting Yang, H. M. Srivastava

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613615X

22. Global Solution to the Incompressible Oldroyd-B Model in Hybrid Besov Spaces, 3627-3639

Ruizhao Zi

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613627Z

23. Korovkin Type Approximation Theorems via Lacunary Equistatistical Convergence, 3641-3647

Abdullah Alotaibi, M. Mursaleen

PDFDOI 10.2298/FIL1613641A