Volume 33, Number 5, 2019

The 8th international conference "Mathematical Analysis, Diffrential Equation and Applications" (MADEA 8)


  1. A New Type of Paranorm Intuitionistic Fuzzy Zweier I-convergent Double Sequence Spaces, 1279-1286
  2. Vakeel A. Khan, Yasmeen, Hira Fatima, Henna Altaf

  3. The Existence of a Solution of the Two-Dimensional Direct Problem of Propagation of the Action Potential Along Nerve Fibers, 1287-1300
  4. A.J. Satybaev, G.S. Kurmanalieva

  5. Investigation of Spectrum and Scattering Function of Impulsive Matrix Difference Operators, 1301-1312
  6. Elgiz Bairamov, Yelda Aygar, Serifenur Cebesoy

  7. Exact Solutions of Fractional Partial Differential Equation Systems with Conformable Derivative, 1313-1322
  8. Ozan Özkan, Ali Kurt

  9. Singularly Perturbed Parabolic Problem with Oscillating Initial Condition, 1323-1327
  10. Asan Omuraliev, Ella Abylaeva

  11. About Uniqueness of Solutions of Fredholm Linear Integral Equations of the First Kind in the Axis, 1329-1333
  12. Avyt Asanov, Jypar Orozmamatova

  13. Matrices Whose Inverses are Tridiagonal, Band or Block-Tridiagonal and Their Relationship with the Covariance Matrices of a Random Markov Process, 1335-1352
  14. Ulan Brimkulov

  15. Solution of the Rational Difference Equation xn+1 =
    xn−17 / 1+xn−5 .xn−11
    , 1353-1359
  16. Dağıstan Simşek, Burak Oğul, Cengiz Çınar

  17. Asymptotics of Solution to the Nonstationary Schrödinger Equation, 1361-1368
  18. Asan Omuraliev, Peil Esengul Kyzy

  19. Solvability of Optimization Problem for the Oscillation Processes with Optimal Vector Controls, 1369-1379
  20. Elmira Abdyldaeva, Akylbek Kerimbekov

  21. On the Recursive Sequence xn+1 =
    xn−7 / 1+xn−3
    , 1381-1386
  22. D. Simsek, P. Esengul Kyzy, M. Imash Kyzy

  23. Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions for the First-Order Non-Linear Differential Equations with Three-Point Boundary Conditions, 1387-1395
  24. Misir J. Mardanov, Yagub A. Sharifov, Kamala E. Ismayilova

  25. Lacunary Almost Convergence and Some New Sequence Spaces, 1397-1402
  26. Ekrem Savaş

  27. Generalized q-Laguerre Type Polynomials and q-Partial Differential Equations, 1403-1415
  28. Da-Wei Niu

  29. Best Approximation of Holomorphic Functions from Hardy Space in Terms of Taylor Coefficients, 1417-1424
  30. F.G. Abdullayev, G.A. Abdullayev, V.V. Savchuk

  31. A Certain Class of Deferred Weighted Statistical B-Summability Involving (p, q)-Integers and Analogous Approximation Theorems, 1425-1444
  32. Amjed Zraiqat, S.K. Paikray, Hemen Dutta

  33. Almost Multiplicative Maps and ε− Spectrum of an Element in Fréchet Q-Algebra, 1445-1452
  34. A.P. Farajzadeh, M.R. Omidi

  35. Direct Integration of Systems of Linear Differential and Difference Equations, 1453-1461
  36. Syrgak Kydyraliev, Anarkul Urdaletova

  37. R-Compact Uniform Spaces in the Category ZUnif, 1463-1469
  38. Asylbek A. Chekeev, Tumar J. Kasymova

  39. Exact Constants in Direct and Inverse Approximation Theorems for Functions of Several Variables in the Spaces Sp, 1471-1484
  40. Fahreddin G. Abdullayev, Pelin Özkartepe, Viktor V. Savchuk, Andrii L. Shidlich

  41. Generalized Open Sets and Selection Properties, 1485-1493
  42. Ljubiša D.R. Kočinac