Volume 34, Number 3, 2020

  1. On Upper Triangular Operator 2 × 2 Matrices Over C* -Algebras, 691-706
  2. Stefan Ivković

  3. New Results for a Class of Boundary Value Problems Involving Impulsive Fractional Differential Equations, 707-725
  4. Feng-Xia Zheng

  5. One-Sided (b, c)-Inverses in Rings, 727-736
  6. Yuanyuan Ke, Jelena Višnjić, Jianlong Chen

  7. Influence of θ-Metric Spaces on the Diameter of Rough Weighted I2 -Limit Set, 737-750
  8. Sanjoy Ghosal, M. C. Listán-García, Manasi Mandal, Mandobi Banerjee

  9. Generalized Simpson Type Inequalities Involving Riemann–Liouville Fractional Integrals and Their Applications, 751-760
  10. Chunyan Luo, Tingsong Du

  11. Viscosity Approximation Methods for Split Common Fixed Point Problems without Prior Knowledge of the Operator Norm, 761-777
  12. Pachara Jailoka, Suthep Suantai

  13. Quantitative Estimates for the Tensor Product (p,q)-Balázs-Szabados Operators and Associated Generalized Boolean Sum Operators, 779-793
  14. Esma Yıldız Özkan

  15. On a Ricci Quarter-Symmetric Metric Recurrent Connection and a Projective Ricci Quarter-Symmetric Metric Recurrent Connection in a Riemannian Manifold, 795-806
  16. Di Zhao, Cholyong Jen, Talyun Ho

  17. Chen’s Improved Inequality for Pointwise Hemi-Slant Warped Products in Kaehler Manifolds, 807-814
  18. Monia F. Naghi, Mića S. Stanković, Fatimah Alghamdi

  19. An Infinite Family of Hadamard Matrices Constructed From Paley Type Matrices, 815-834
  20. Adda Farouk, Qing-Wen Wang

  21. Some Results About Concircular Vector Fields on Riemannian Manifolds, 835-842
  22. Bang-Yen Chen, Sharief Deshmukh

  23. New Classes of Condensing Operators and Application to Solvability of Singular Integral Equations, 843-860
  24. A. Aghajani, M. Aliaskari, D. O’Regan

  25. Meshless Approximation Method of One-Dimensional Oscillatory Fredholm Integral Equations, 861-877
  26. Zaheer-ud-Din, Siraj-ul-Islam

  27. Fixed Point Theorems for Countably Asymptotically Φ−Nonexpansive Maps in Locally Convex Spaces and Application, 879-904
  28. Afif Ben Amar, Saoussen Derbel

  29. Fixed Point Theorems for Quadruple Self-Mappings Satisfying Integral Type Inequalities, 905-917
  30. Aziz Khan, Thabet Abdeljawad, Wasfi Shatanawi, Hasib Khan

  31. Functional Equation and Its Modular Stability With and Without ∆p −Condition, 919-930
  32. Murali Ramdoss, Divyakumari Pachaiyappan, Hemen Dutta

  33. Riesz Potential, Marcinkiewicz Integral and Their Commutators on Mixed Morrey Spaces, 931-944
  34. Andrea Scapellato

  35. Convergence Theorems for Generalized Contractions and Applications, 945-964
  36. Mudasir Younis, Deepak Singh, Stojan Radenović, Mohammad Imdad

  37. Asymptotic Regularity, Fixed Points and Successive Approximations, 965-981
  38. Vasile Berinde, Ioan A. Rus

  39. The pb -Cone Metric Spaces Over Banach Algebra With Applications, 983-998
  40. Jerolina Fernandez, Neeraj Malviya, Diana Dolićanin-Dekić, Dženis Pučić

  41. Weak Solutions for a (p(z), q(z))-Laplacian Dirichlet Problem Antonella Nastasia, 999-1011
  42. Antonella Nastasi

  43. Polar Decomposition and Characterization of Binormal Operators, 1013-1024
  44. Mehdi Mohammadzadeh Karizaki

  45. On Relations Between Kirchhoff Index, Laplacian Energy, Laplacian-Energy-Like Invariant and Degree Deviation of Graphs, 1025-1033
  46. Predrag Milošević, Emina Milovanović, Marjan Matejić, Igor Milovanović

  47. Bounds for the Zeros of Polynomials from Compression Matrix Inequalities, 1035-1051
  48. Fuad Kittaneh, Mohammad Odeh, Khalid Shebrawi