Volume 35, Number 1, 2021

  1. Fractional-Order Iterative Learning Control for Robotic Arm-PD2Dα Type, 1-10
  2. Boško P. Cvetković, Mihailo P. Lazarević

  3. On the Approximations of Solutions to Stochastic Differential Equations Under Polynomial Condition, 11-25
  4. Dušan D. Djordjević, Miljana Jovanović

  5. Coefficients Estimate for a Subclass of Holomorphic Mappings on the Unit Polydisk in Cn, 27-36
  6. Liangpeng Xiong

  7. Characterization of Homological Properties of θ-Lau Product of Banach Algebras, 37-46
  8. Morteza Essmaili, Ali Rejali, Azam Salehi Marzijarani

  9. Composition of Wavelet Transforms and Wave Packet Transform Involving Kontorovich-Lebedev Transform, 47-60
  10. U. K. Mandal, Sandeep Kumar Verma, Akhilesh Prasad

  11. Almost Convergence of Complex Uncertain Double Sequences, 61-78
  12. Birojit Das, Binod Chandra Tripathy, Piyali Debnath, Baby Bhattacharya

  13. A Numerical Algorithm Based on Modified Orthogonal Linear Spline for Solving a Coupled Nonlinear Inverse Reaction–Diffusion Problem, 79-104
  14. Javad Alavi, Hossein Aminikhah

  15. A Decomposition of the Tensor Product of Matrices, 105-124
  16. Caixing Gu, Jaehui Park

  17. Ricci Curvature of Contact CR-Warped Product Submanifolds in Generalized Sasakian Space Forms Admitting a Trans-Sasakian Structure, 125-146
  18. Meraj Ali Khan, Cenep Ozel

  19. Triple Reverse Order Law of Drazin Invertible Operators, 147-155
  20. Safae Alaoui Chrifi, Abdelaziz Tajmouati

  21. Weak KKM Set-Valued Mappings in Hyperconvex Metric Spaces, 157-167
  22. Ravi P. Agarwal, Mircea Balaj, Donal O’Regan

  23. Positive Solutions for Singular Semipositone Nonlinear Fractional Differential System, 169-179
  24. Rim Bourguiba, Faten Toumi

  25. The Pseudo Core Inverses of Differences and Products of Projections in Rings with Involution, 181-189
  26. Xiaofeng Chen, Jianlong Chen, Yukun Zhou

  27. Perturbation of the Spectra of Complex Symmetric Operators, 191-199
  28. Qinggang Bu, Cun Wang

  29. Study of Γ−Simulation Functions, ZΓ −Contractions and Revisiting the L −Contractions, 201-224
  30. E. Karapınar, Gh. Heidary Joonaghany, F. Khojasteh, S.Radenović

  31. General Viscosity Implicit Midpoint Rule For Nonexpansive Mapping, 225-237
  32. Shuja Haider Rizvi

  33. Norm Bounds for the Inverse and Error Bounds for Linear Complementarity Problems for {P1 , P2 }-Nekrasov Matrices, 239-250
  34. M. Nedović, Lj. Cvetković

  35. New Directions in LB -valued General Fuzzy Automata: A Topological View, 251-270
  36. Khadijeh Abolpour, Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi

  37. Multiple Interpolation in the Privalov Classes in a Disk, 271-286
  38. Eugenia Gennad’evna Rodikova

  39. Classes of Harmonic Functions in 2D Generalized Poincaré Geometry, 287-297
  40. Gabriel Bercu, Mircea Crasmareanu

  41. On Refined Generalised Quasi-Adequate Transversals, 299-313
  42. Xiangjun Kong, Pei Wang

  43. A New Quaternion Valued Frame of Curves with an Application, 315-330
  44. Gizem Cansu, Yusuf Yaylı, İsmail Gök

  45. Fractional Order Convergence Rate Estimate of Finite-Difference Method for the Heat Equation with Concentrated Capacity, 331-338
  46. Bratislav V. Sredojević, Dejan R. Bojović

  47. Neighbourhood Star Selection Properties in Bitopological Spaces, 339-351
  48. Rachid Lakehal, Ljubiša D.R. Kočinac, Djamila Seba