Volume 35, Number 7, 2021

  1. Second Hankel Determinant for Certain Subclass of Bi-Univalent Functions, 2129-2140
  2. Safa Salehian, Ahmad Motamednezhad

  3. Perturbation Results in the Fredholm Theory and M-Essential Spectra of Some Matrix Operators, 2141-2149
  4. Boulbeba Abdelmoumen, Sadok Chakroun, Mnif Maher

  5. Fixed Point Results for Hybrid Contractions in Menger Metric Spaces With Application to Integral Equations, 2151-2164
  6. Ayub Samadi, Nawab Hussain

  7. Some Classical Inequalities and their Applications, 2165-2173
  8. Mualla Birgül Huban, Mehmet Gürdal, Havva Tilki

  9. Meir-Keeler Condensing Operators and Applications, 2175-2188
  10. Sana Hadj Amor, Abdelhak Traiki

  11. Maximal Summability Operators On the Dyadic Hardy Spaces, 2189-2208
  12. Ushangi Goginava, Salem Ben Said

  13. Separability of Path Spaces under the Open-Point and Bi-Point-Open Topologies, 2209-2213
  14. Anubha Jindal

  15. New Additive Results for Cauchy Dual and MP−Inverse of Weighted Composition Operators, 2215-2230
  16. Morteza Sohrabi

  17. Some Inequalities in Quasi-Banach Algebra of Non-Newtonian Bicomplex Numbers, 2231-2243
  18. Nilay Sager, Birsen Sağır

  19. On G-Mappings Defined by G-Methods and G-Topological Groups, 2245-2256
  20. Jiewen Chen, Jing Zhang

  21. A New Result of Prešić Type Theorems with Applications to Second Order Boundary Value Problems, 2257-2266
  22. Ishak Altun, Muhammad Qasim, Murat Olgun

  23. Generalized Jacobson’s Lemma for Generalized Drazin Inverses, 2267-2275
  24. Huanyin Chen, Marjan Sheibani Abdolyousefi

  25. Periodic Wave Solutions of Non-Newtonian Filtration Equations with Nonlinear Sources and Singularities, 2277-2292
  26. Weijun Xie, Fanchao Kong, Juan J. Nieto

  27. Ricci Recurrent Almost Kenmotsu 3-Manifolds, 2293-2301
  28. V. Venkatesha, H. Aruna Kumara, Devaraja Mallesha Naik

  29. Certain Observations on Statistical Variations of Bornological Covers, 2303-2315
  30. Subhankar Das, Debraj Chandra

  31. On Topological Conjugacy of Some Chaotic Dynamical Systems on the Sierpinski Gasket, 2317-2331
  32. Nisa Aslan, Mustafa Saltan, Bünyamin Demir

  33. On Optimality for Mayer Type Problem Governed by a Discrete Inclusion System with Lipschitzian Set-Valued Mappings, 2333-2340
  34. Özkan Deǧer

  35. Inscription on Statistical Convergence of Order α, 2341-2347
  36. Manasi Mandal, Mandobi Banerjee

  37. Identities Related to Generalized Derivations and Jordan (∗, ★)-Derivations, 2349-2360
  38. Amin Hosseini

  39. Bi-Covering Rough Sets, 2361-2369
  40. Mohamed Abo-Elhamayel

  41. Submaximal Properties in (Strongly) Topological Gyrogroups, 2371-2382
  42. Meng Bao, Fucai Lin

  43. Robust Numerical Method for Singularly Perturbed Parabolic Differential Equations with Negative Shifts, 2383-2401
  44. Mesfin Mekuria Woldaregay, Gemechis File Duressa

  45. (Weighted Pseudo) Almost Automorphic Solutions in Distribution for Fractional Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Levy Noise, 2403-2424
  46. Min Yang

  47. Hermite–Hadamard–Mercer Type Inequalities for Fractional Integrals, 2425-2436
  48. Hatice Öğülmüş, Mehmet Zeki Sarıkaya

  49. New Integral Inequalities for Strongly Nonconvex Functions Involving Raina Function, 2437-2456
  50. Artion Kashuri, Marcela Vasile Mihai, Muhammad Uzair Awan, Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor

  51. The Truncated Euler–Maruyama Method for Highly Nonlinear Neutral Stochastic Differential Equations With Time-Dependent Delay, 2457-2484
  52. Aleksandra Petrović, Marija Milošević