Volume 23, Number 2, June 2009

Proceedings of the Conference Mongeometrija 2008


1. Gunter Weiss
Visualization - Interpretation - Understanding: Traveling On The Royal Road To Mathematical Abstraction In Old Boots: Descriptive Geometry, 1-11

2. Hubert Gollek
A representation formula for curves in C3 with preset infinitesimal arc length, 12-27

3. Natasha Danailova
Scattered data points best interpolation as a problem of the best recovery in the sense of sard, 28-33

4. Milan Lj. Zlatanovic, Svetislav M. Mincic
Identities for curvature tensors in generalized Finsler space, 34-42

5. Branko Malesevic, Marija Obradovic
An application of Groebner bases to planarity of intersection of surfaces, 43-55

6. Ljiljana Radovic, Slavik Jablan
Visual communication through visual mathematics, 56-67

7. Predrag S. Stanimirovic, Marko D. Petkovic, Milan Lj. Zlatanovic
Visualization in optimization with Mathematica, 68-81

8. Mica S. Stankovic, Ljubica S. Velimirovic, Milan Lj. Zlatanovic
Some relations in the generalized Kahlerian spaces of the second kind, 82-89

9. Sonja Krasic, Vladan Nikolic
Constructive procedure for determination of absolute conic figure in general collinear spaces, 90-96

10. Marija Ciric
Notes on constant mean curvature surfaces and their graphical presentation, 97-107

11. Svetozar R. Rancic, Ljubica S. Velimirovic, Milan Lj. Zlatanovic
Curvebend graphical tool for presentation of infinitesimal bending of curves , 108-117