Volume 33, Number 2, 2019

The fourth International Conference on Recent Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics - ICRAPAM 2017


  1. On Filter Convergence of Nets in Uniform Spaces, 353-357
  2. Ekrem Savaş, Ulaş Yamancı

  3. Some Results of the Picard-Krasnoselskii Hybrid Iterative Process, 359-365
  4. Aynur Şahin

  5. An Algebraic Analysis of Categorical Syllogisms by Using Carroll’s Diagrams, 367-383
  6. Ibrahim Senturk, Tahsin Oner

  7. Suborbital Graphs for a Non-Transitive Action of the Normalizer, 385-392
  8. Murat Beşenk, Bahadır Özgür Güler, Abdurrahman Büyükkaya

  9. Topological Aspect of Monodromy Groupoid for a Group-Groupoid, 393-401
  10. Osman Mucuk, Serap Demir

  11. Uniform and Pointwise Estimates for Algebraic Polynomials in Regions with Interior and Exterior Zero Angles, 403-413
  12. N. Pelin Özkartepe, Tuncay Tunç, Fahreddin G. Abdullayev

  13. Positive Solutions of Impulsive Time-Scale Boundary Value Problems with p-Laplacian on the Half-Line, 415-433
  14. Ilkay Yaslan Karaca, Aycan Sinanoglu

  15. Best Proximity Point Results for Suzuki-Edelstein Proximal Contractions via Auxiliary Functions, 435-447
  16. Azhar Hussain, Muhammad Qamar Iqbal, Nawab Hussain

  17. A Note on the Spectrum of Discrete Klein-Gordon s-Wave Equation with Eigenparameter Dependent Boundary Condition, 449-455
  18. Nimet Coskun, Nihal Yokus

  19. Quadratic Quadrature Formula for Curves with Third Degree of Exactness, 457-462
  20. Abedallah Rababah

  21. Fixed Points of Interval Valued Neutrosophic Soft Mappings, 463-474
  22. Ghulam Murtaza, Mujahid Abbas, Muhammad Irfan Ali

  23. Some Permanents of Hessenberg Matrices, 475-481
  24. Sibel Koparal, Neşe Ömür, Cemile Duygu Şener

  25. Some New Sequence Spaces Defined by Bounded Variation in 2-Normed Spaces, 483-492
  26. Ekrem Savaş

  27. Variations on the Strongly Lacunary Quasi Cauchy Sequences, 493-498
  28. Huseyin Kaplan

  29. Fixed Points of Suzuki-Type Generalized Multivalued ( f, θ, L)− Almost Contractions with Applications, 499-518
  30. Naeem Saleem, Mujahid Abbas, Basit Ali, Zahid Raza

  31. λ−Double Statistical Convergence of Functions, 519-524
  32. Rabia Savaş

  33. On E-J Hausdorff Transformations for Double Sequences, 525-534
  34. Rabia Savaş, Hamdullah Şevli

  35. Abel Statistical Quasi Cauchy Sequences, 535-541
  36. Huseyin Cakalli

  37. On the Problem σod (n) = σod (n + 1), 543-559
  38. Daeyeoul Kim, Nazli Yildiz Ikikardes, Yan Li, Lianrong Ma

  39. Study of Nurses’ Roster by Coloring Algorithm Parsus Manually, 561-569
  40. Ferdous Toufic, Kholoud Khalid Alqhtani

  41. Equivalence Classes of Uninorms, 571-582
  42. Emel Aşıcı

  43. Reliable Numerical Algorithm for Handling Fuzzy Integral Equations of Second Kind in Hilbert Spaces, 583-597
  44. Mohammed Al-Smadi

  45. Approximation Scheme for Handling Coupled Systems of Differential Equations within Reproducing Kernel Method, 599-615
  46. Ali Ateiwi, Ayed Al édamat, Asad Freihat, Iryna Komashynska

  47. An Efficient Analytical-Numerical Technique for Handling Model of Fuzzy Differential Equations of Fractional-Order, 617-632
  48. Mohammad Alaroud, Rokiah Rozita Ahmad, Ummul Khair Salma Din

  49. On the Difference Method for Approximation of Second Order Derivatives of a Solution of Laplace’s Equation in a Rectangular Parallelepiped, 633-643
  50. Adiguzel A. Dosiyev, Hediye Sarikaya

  51. Fuzzy Soft Metric and Fuzzifying Soft Topology Induced by Fuzzy Soft Metric, 645-653
  52. Abdülkadir Aygünoğlu, Ebru Aydoğdu, Halis Aygün