Volume 34, Number 14, 2020

  1. Some Topology on Zero-Dimensional Subrings of Product of Rings, 4589-4595
  2. Hassan Mouadi, Driss Karim

  3. The p-Drazin Inverse for Operator Matrix over Banach Algebras, 4597-4605
  4. Huanyin Chen, Honglin Zou, Tugce Pekacar Calci, Handan Kose

  5. Improved Brauer-Type Eigenvalue Localization Sets for Tensors with Their Applications, 4607-4625
  6. Zhengge Huang, Jingjing Cui

  7. New Fixed Point Results on αLψ -Rational Contraction Mappings in Metric-Like Spaces, 4627-4636
  8. Nicola Fabiano, Nebojša Nikolić, Zaid M. Fadail, Ljiljana Paunović, Stojan Radenović

  9. Coefficient and Fekete-Szegö Problem Estimates for Certain Subclass of Analytic and Bi-Univalent Functions, 4637-4647
  10. Hesam Mahzoon

  11. Some Inequalities Involving Hilbert-Schmidt Numerical Radius on 2 × 2 Operator Matrices, 4649-4657
  12. Monire Hajmohamadi, Rahmatollah Lashkaripour

  13. Solvability of the System of Implicit Generalized Order Complementarity Problems, 4659-4668
  14. K. Mahalik, C. Nahak

  15. Lagrange Multiplier Characterizations of Constrained Best Approximation with Nonsmooth Nonconvex Constraints, 4669-4684
  16. H. Mohebi

  17. On Jleli-Samet-Ćirić-Presić Type Contractive Mappings, 4685-4695
  18. Babak Mohammadi, Manuel De la Sen, Vahid Parvanah, Farhan Golkarmanesh, Hassen Aydi

  19. Asymptotically Best Possible Lebesgue-Type Inequalities for the Fourier Sums on Sets of Generalized Poisson Integrals, 4697-4707
  20. Anatoly Serdyuk, Tetiana Stepanyuk

  21. Coefficient Bounds for Subclasses of Analytic and Bi-Univalent Functions, 4709-4721
  22. Davood Alimohammadi, Nak Eun Cho, Ebrahim Analouei Adegani

  23. The Co-Dynamics of Hepatitis E and HIV, 4723-4745
  24. Ebraheem Alzahrani, Muhammad Altaf Khan

  25. On the Tail Asymptotics of Supremum of Stationary χ-Processes With Random Trend, 4747-4756
  26. Goran Popivoda, Siniša Stamatović

  27. Closedness, Separation and Connectedness in Pseudo-Quasi-Semi Metric Spaces, 4757-4766
  28. Tesnim Meryem Baran

  29. Some New Results on Six Types Mappings Between L-Convex Spaces, 4767-4781
  30. Xiao-Wu Zhou, Fu-Gui Shi

  31. Extragradient Methods With CQ Technique for Fixed Point Problems and Equilibrium Problems, 4783-4793
  32. Zhangsong Yao, Yeong-Cheng Liou, Li-Jun Zhu

  33. Stability of Stochastic Model for Hepatitis C Transmission with an Isolation Stage, 4795-4809
  34. Vuk Vujović, Marija Krstić

  35. A Fixed Point Theorem of Kannan Type That Characterizes Fuzzy Metric Completeness, 4811-4819
  36. Salvador Romaguera

  37. Permutations That Preserve Asymptotically Null Sets and Statistical Convergence, 4821-4827
  38. Jeff Connor

  39. Distances from Bα Functions to F(p, q, s) Space, 4829-4835
  40. Yutong Liu, Yi Qi

  41. Some Results About Spectral Continuity and Compact Perturbations, 4837-4845
  42. S. Sánchez-Perales, S. V. Djordjević, S. Palafox

  43. Characterizations of Special Clean Elements and Applications, 4847-4860
  44. Xavier Mary, Pedro Patrı́cio

  45. Polynomial Helices in the n-Dimensional Semi-Euclidean Space with Index Two, 4861-4872
  46. Hasan Altınbaş, Bülent Altunkaya, Levent Kula

  47. k-Type Hyperbolic Slant Helices in H3, 4873-4880
  48. Ali Uçum, Kazım İlarslan

  49. Existence and Uniqueness Results for Nonlinear Implicit Riemann-Liouville Fractional Differential Equations with Nonlocal Conditions, 4881-4891
  50. Adel Lachouri, Abdelouaheb Ardjouni, Ahcene Djoudi

  51. Crossed and Quadratic Resolutions of Algebras, 4893-4906
  52. Ahmet Faruk Aslan

  53. Study of Matrix Transformation of Uniformly Almost Surely Convergent Complex Uncertain Sequences, 4907-4922
  54. Birojit Das, Binod Chandra Tripathy, Piyali Debnath, Baby Bhattacharya

  55. Non-Affine Nonlinear Stochastic Systems with Two ILC Update Laws under Random Data Dropouts, 4923-4936
  56. Sedigheh Alsadat Najafi, Ali Delavarkhalafi, Seyed Mehdi Karbassi