Volume 33, Number 1, 2019

  1. On MDS Negacyclic LCD Codes, 1-12
  2. Mehmet E. Koroglu, Mustafa Sarı

  3. Coincidence and Fixed Points for Multivalued Mappings in Incomplete Metric Spaces with Applications, 13-26
  4. Hamid Baghani, Maryam Ramezani

  5. The General Induction Functors for the Category of Entwined Hom-Modules, 27-41
  6. Shuangjian Guo, Xiaohui Zhang, Yuanyuan Ke

  7. Existence and Global Attractivity of Positive Periodic Solutions for a Delayed Predator-Prey Model with Mutual Interference and Functional Response, 43-64
  8. Changdong Liu, Xiaoliang Zhou

  9. Large Deviations for the Discounted Aggregate Claims in Time-Dependent Risk Model with Constant Interest Force, 65-79
  10. Qingwu Gao, Xijun Liu

  11. Complete Convergence and Complete Moment Convergence for Arrays of Rowwise Asymptotically Almost Negatively Associated Random Variables, 81-92
  12. Haiwu Huang, Qingxia Zhang, Hang Zou, Xiongtao Wu

  13. On the Relationship between the Kirchhoff and the Narumi-Katayama Indices, 93-100
  14. Emina Milovanović, Edin Glogić, Marjan Matejić, Igor Milovanović

  15. Finite Hurwitz-Lerch Functions, 101-109
  16. Necdet Batir, Kwang-Wu Chen

  17. On the Number of Perfect Matchings of Generalized Theta Graphs and the Edge Cover Polynomials of Friendship Graphs, 111-120
  18. Mohammad Reza Oboudi

  19. Signed Double Roman Domination of Graphs, 121-134
  20. Hossein Abdollahzadeh Ahangar, Mustapha Chellali, Seyed Mahmoud Sheikholeslami

  21. Zero-Divisor Graph of Real-Valued Continuous Functions on a Frame, 135-146
  22. Mostafa Abedi

  23. Locating Common Fixed Points of Nonlinear Representations of Semigroups, 147-161
  24. Hong-Yi Chen, Kyung Soo Kim, Eskandar Naraghirad, Ching-Feng Wen, Ngai-Ching Wong, Jen-Chih Yao

  25. An Open Problem of Lü, Li and Yang, 163-175
  26. Sujoy Majumder

  27. The Signless Laplacian Coefficients and the Incidence Energy of Unicyclic Graphs with given Pendent Vertices, 177-192
  28. Wen-Huan Wang, Lei Zhong

  29. A Generalization of Divided Differences and Applications, 193-210
  30. Mohammad Masjed-Jamei, Gradimir V. Milovanović, Zahra Moalemi

  31. Some Explicit Formulas for the Generalized Frobenius-Euler Polynomials of Higher Order, 211-220
  32. Hacène Belbachir, Nassira Souddi

  33. Characterization of Strong Preserver Operators of Convex Equivalent on the Space of All Real Sequences Tend to Zero, 221-231
  34. Noha Eftekhari, Ali Bayati Eshkaftaki

  35. Iterative Scheme for Finding Solutions of the General Split Feasibility Problem and the General Constrained Minimization Problems, 233-243
  36. Atid Kangtunyakarn

  37. On a New Definition of Fractional Differintegrals with Mittag-Leffler Kernel, 245-254
  38. Arran Fernandez, Dumitru Baleanu

  39. Sandwich Results for Subclasses of Multivalent Meromorphic Functions Associated with Iterations of the Cho-Kwon-Srivastava Transform, 255-266
  40. A. K. Mishra, M. M. Soren

  41. Existence of Positive Solutions for a Class of Kirchhoff Type Systems Involving Critical Exponents, 267-280
  42. Nguyen Thanh Chung

  43. Simultaneous Approximation of Conformal Mappings on Smooth Domains, 281-287
  44. Cem Koşar

  45. Approximate Controllability of Retarded Impulsive Stochastic Integro-Differential Equations Driven by Fractional Brownian Motion, 289-306
  46. Abdeldjalil Slama, Ahmed Boudaoui

  47. Recursive and Combinational Formulas for Permanents of General k-tridiagonal Toeplitz Matrices, 307-317
  48. Ahmet Zahid Küçük, Mehmet Özen, Halit İnce

  49. Protection of Graphs with Emphasis on Cartesian Product Graphs, 319-333
  50. Magdalena Valveny, Juan Alberto Rodrı́guez-Velázquez

  51. Topologies on Normed Spaces Generated by Porosity, 335-352
  52. Stanisław Kowalczyk, Małgorzata Turowska