Volume 33, Number 13, 2019

  1. Well-Posedness Results for a Sixth-Order Logarithmic Boussinesq Equation, 3985-4000
  2. Erhan Pişkin, Nazlı Irkıl

  3. Generalized Para-Kähler Spaces in Eisenhart’s Sense Admitting a Holomorphically Projective Mapping, 4001-4012
  4. Miloš Z. Petrović

  5. On [p, q]-Order of Growth of Solutions of Complex Linear Differential Equations near a Singular Point, 4013-4020
  6. Jianren Long, Sangui Zeng

  7. Relative Cyclic Subgroup Commutativity Degrees of Finite Groups, 4021-4032
  8. Mihai-Silviu Lazorec

  9. Characterization Theorems on Warped Product Semi-Slant Submanifolds in Kenmotsu Manifolds, 4033-4043
  10. Akram Ali, Siraj Uddin, Ali H. Alkhaldi

  11. Wiener-Type Invariants and Hamiltonian Properties of Graphs, 4045-4058
  12. Qiannan Zhou, Ligong Wang, Yong Lu

  13. A Generalization on Character Connes-Amenability, 4059-4070
  14. Behrouz Shojaee

  15. Sequential Warped Products: Curvature and Conformal Vector Fields, 4071-4083
  16. Uday Chand De, Sameh Shenawy, Bülent Ünal

  17. k-Metric Antidimension of Some Generalized Petersen Graphs, 4085-4093
  18. Jozef Kratica, Vera Kovačević-Vujčić, Mirjana Čangalović

  19. Recovery of Dipolar Sources and Stability Estimates, 4095-4114
  20. Ridha Mdimagh

  21. Some New Characterizations of Normal Elements, 4115-4120
  22. Liyan Shi, Junchao Wei

  23. Symmetrized GA-convexity and Related Some Integral Inequalities, 4121-4136
  24. İmdat İşcan

  25. The multiparameter t’distribution, 4137-4150
  26. Emna Ghorbel, Mahdi Louati

  27. On (L, M)-Fuzzy Convex Structures, 4151-4163
  28. Osama Rashed Sayed, EL-Sayed EL-Sanousy, Yaser Hassanein Sayed

  29. A Hilbert’s Type Inequality With Three Parameters, 4165-4173
  30. Gaowen Xi

  31. On q-Opial Type Inequality for Quantum Integral, 4175-4184
  32. Necmettin Alp, Candan Can Bilişik, Mehmet Zeki Sarıkaya

  33. Existence and Asymptotic Behavior of Intermediate Type of Positive Solutions of Fourth-Order Nonlinear Differential Equations, 4185-4211
  34. Katarina Djordjević, Jelena V. Manojlović

  35. On a Cosine Operator Function Framework of Approximation Processes in Banach Space, 4213-4228
  36. Andi Kivinukk, Anna Saksa, Maria Zeltser

  37. An Implicit Algorithm for Computing the Minimal Geršgorin Set, 4229-4238
  38. S. Milićević, V. R. Kostić, Lj. Cvetković, A. Miedlar

  39. Characterization of Symmetric Distributions Based on Concomitants of Ordered Variables from FGMs Family of Bivariate Distributions, 4239-4250
  40. Jafar Ahmadi, M. Fashandi

  41. On a Type of Spacetimes, 4251-4260
  42. Young Jin Suh, Uday Chand De

  43. Classification and Approximation of Solutions to Sylvester Matrix Equation, 4261-4280
  44. Bogdan D. Djordjević, Nebojša Č. Dinčić

  45. Generalized Form of Fixed Point Theorems in Banach algebras Under Weak Topology with an Application, 4281-4296
  46. Najib Kaddachi

  47. Lacunary Distributional Convergence in Topological Spaces, 4297-4306
  48. Havva Uluçay, Mehmet Ünver

  49. Two {4, n − 3}-Isomorphic n-Vertex Digraphs are Hereditarily Isomorphic, 4307-4325
  50. Youssef Boudabbous

  51. Some New Fixed Point Results for Multi-Valued Weakly Picard Operators, 4327-4341
  52. Hassen Aydi, Abdelbasset Felhi, Erdal Karapınar, Hind S. Alshahrani