Volume 36, Number 19, 2022

  1. Domain of q-Cesàro Matrix in Hahn Sequence Space hd and the Space bv of the Sequences of Bounded Variation, 6427-6441
  2. Taja Yaying, Murat Kirişçi, Bipan Hazarika, Orhan Tuǧ

  3. On the Bounds of Zeroth–Order General Randić Index, 6443-6456
  4. Marjan Matejić, Şerife Burcu Bozkurt Altındağ, Emina Milovanović, Igor Milovanović

  5. Exponential Stability in Mean Square of Neutral Stochastic Pantograph Integro-Differential Equations, 6457-6472
  6. Lassaad Mchiri

  7. On Some Set Properties, 6473-6479
  8. Sumit Mittal, Gaurav Kumar, B. K. Tyagi

  9. A Characterization of 4-χρ -(Vertex-)Critical Graphs, 6481-6501
  10. Jasmina Ferme

  11. On Strategies for Selection Games Related to Countable Dimension, 6503-6511
  12. Christopher Caruvana, Steven Clontz

  13. Cohomology Rings of Quasitoric Bundles, 6513-6537
  14. Askold Khovanskii, Ivan Limonchenko, Leonid Monin

  15. On Some Generalized Contractive Maps in Partial Metric Space and Related Fixed Point Theorems, 6539-6551
  16. Abdelkader Belhenniche, Sfya Benahmed, Liliana Guran,
    Fernando Lobo Pereir

  17. Escaping Subsets of Cosine Functions with the Given Hausdorff Dimension, 6553-6571
  18. Xiaojie Huang, Zhixiu Li, Chun Wu

  19. Riemann and Ricci Bourguignon Solitons on Three-Dimensional Quasi-Sasakian Manifolds, 6573-6584
  20. Avijit Sarkar, Suparna Halder, Uday Chand De

  21. Comments on the Paper ”Global Optimal Approximate Solutions of Best Proximity Points”, 6585-6590
  22. Moosa Gabeleh, Pradip Ramesh Patle

  23. Algorithmic and Analytical Approach of Solutions of a System of Generalized Multi-Valued Nonlinear Variational Inclusions, 6591-6620
  24. Javad Balooee, Jen-Chih Yao

  25. On I-Covering Images of Metric Spaces, 6621-6629
  26. Xiangeng Zhou, Shou Lin

  27. Positive Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear p-Laplacian Hadamard Fractional Differential Systems with Coupled Nonlocal Riemann-Stieltjes Integral Boundary Conditions, 6631-6654
  28. Wengui Yang

  29. Zeros of One Class of Quaternionic Polynomials, 6655-6667
  30. Gradimir V. Milovanović, Abdullah Mir

  31. Generalized Wintgen Inequality for Submanifolds in Standard Warped Product Manifolds, 6669-6678
  32. Aliya Naaz Siddiqui, Kamran Ahmad, Ali Hussain Alkhaldi, Lamia Saeed Alqahtani

  33. Hypersoft Separation Axioms, 6679-6686
  34. Baravan A. Asaad, Sagvan Y. Musa

  35. On Pointwise Quasi Bi-Slant Submanifolds, 6687-6697
  36. Mehmet Akif Akyol, Selahattin Beyendi, Tanveer Fatima, Akram Ali

  37. Riemannian Concircular Structure Manifolds, 6699-6711
  38. Sudhakar Kumar Chaubey, Young Jin Suh

  39. Strong Convergence of the Euler-Maruyama Method for the Generalized Stochastic Volterra Integral Equations Driven by Lévy Noise, 6713-6734
  40. Wei Zhang, Rui Li

  41. Bézier-Baskakov-Beta Type Operators, 6735-6750
  42. Arun Kajla, Faruk Özger, Jyoti Yadav

  43. Bivariate Bernstein-Kantorovich Operators with a Summability Method and Related GBS Operators, 6751-6765
  44. Khursheed J. Ansari, Sedef Karakılıç, Faruk Özger

  45. A Note on Extreme Points in the Closed Unit Ball of Upper Triangular 2 × 2 Matrices Over a C-Algebra, 6767-6776
  46. Xiaoyi Tian, Qingxiang Xu

  47. Fixed Point Theorem for Question of Set-Valued Quasi-Contraction, 6777-6790
  48. Ning Lu, Fei He, Shu-fang Li

  49. Balanced-Euler Approximation Schemes for Stiff Systems of Stochastic Differential Equations, 6791-6804
  50. Hassan Ranjbar, Leila Torkzadeh, Kazem Nouri

  51. On Stević-Sharma Operator from QK (p, q) Space to Zygmund-Type Space, 6805-6820
  52. Zhitao Guo