Volume 33, Number 16, 2019

  1. Multiplication Operators on Some Morrey Spaces, 5051-5059
  2. Hemen Dutta, Shilpa Das

  3. Some Remarks on an Eigenvalue Problem for an Anisotropic Elliptic Equation with Indefinite Weight, 5061-5075
  4. Nguyen Thanh Chung

  5. On Rough Convergence in 2-Normed Spaces and Some Properties, 5077-5086
  6. Mukaddes Arslan, Erdinç Dündar

  7. Evolution of Some Geometric Quantities along the Cotton Flow, 5087-5095
  8. Debabrata Chakraborty, Yadab Chandra Mandal, Shyamal Kumar Hui

  9. Some Quaternion Matrix Equations Involving Φ-Hermicity, 5097-5112
  10. Zhuo-Heng He

  11. Feathered Gyrogroups and Gyrogroups with Countable Pseudocharacter, 5113-5124
  12. Meng Bao, Fucai Lin

  13. λ-rings, Φ-λ-rings, and Φ-∆-rings, 5125-5134
  14. Rahul Kumar, Atul Gaur

  15. On Some Vector Valued Multiplier Spaces with Statistical Cesáro Summability, 5135-5147
  16. Ramazan Kama

  17. Meromorphic Functions Partially Sharing 1CM+1IM Concerning Periodicities and Shifts, 5149-5158
  18. Chun He, Feng Lü

  19. Best Proximity Points Revisited, 5159-5166
  20. Aleksandar Kostić

  21. Bi- f -Harmonic Curves and Hypersurfaces, 5167-5180
  22. Selcen Yüksel Perktaş, Adara M. Blaga, Feyza Esra Erdoğan, Bilal Eftal Acet

  23. A Quarter-symmetric Metric Connection on Almost Contact B−metric Manifolds, 5181-5190
  24. Şenay Bulut

  25. Proper Semiconformal Symmetries of Spacetimes with Divergence-Free Semiconformal Curvature Tensor, 5191-5198
  26. Musavvir Ali, Naeem Ahmad Pundeer, Young Jin Suh

  27. On the Riesz Summability of the Eigenfunction Expansions on a Closed Domain, 5199-5205
  28. Abdumalik Rakhimov, Erkin Saydamatov, Shuhrat Sheraliev

  29. Perturbation Theory for Core and Core-EP Inverses of Tensor via Einstein Product, 5207-5217
  30. Hong-mei Du, Bing-xue Wang, Hai-feng Ma

  31. Operators with Gaussian Kernel Bounds on Mixed Morrey Spaces, 5219-5230
  32. Francesca Anceschi, Christopher S. Goodrich, Andrea Scapellato

  33. Singular Value Inequalities for Sector Matrices, 5231-5236
  34. Jianming Xue, Xingkai Hu

  35. Geometries of Manifolds Equipped with a Ricci (Projection-Ricci) Quarter-Symmetric Connection, 5237-5248
  36. Wanxiao Tang, Jon Chol Yong, Ho Tal Yun, Guoqing He, Peibiao Zhao

  37. Some Inequalities for General Zeroth–Order Randić Index, 5249-5258
  38. Predrag Milošević, Igor Milovanović, Emina Milovanović, Marjan Matejić

  39. Inverse Boundary-Value Problem for the Equation of Longitudinal Wave Propagation with Non-self-adjoint Boundary Conditions, 5259-5271
  40. Elvin I. Azizbayov, Yashar T. Mehraliyev

  41. Classification of Warped Product Pointwise Semi-Slant Submanifolds in Complex Space Forms, 5273-5290
  42. Akram Ali, Ali H. Alkhaldi, Jae Won Lee, Wan Ainun Mior Othman

  43. The Quasi Xgamma-Geometric Distribution with Application in Medicine, 5291-5330
  44. Subhradev Sen, Ahmed Z. Afify, Hazem Al-Mofleh, Mohammad Ahsanullah

  45. A Solution to Nonlinear Volterra Integro-Dynamic Equations via Fixed Point Theory, 5331-5343
  46. Rezan Sevinik-Adıgüzel, Erdal Karapınar, İnci M. Erhan

  47. Iterative Methods for Solving Split Feasibility Problems and Fixed Point Problems in Banach Spaces, 5345-5353
  48. Min Liu, Shih-sen Chang, Ping Zuo, Xiaorong Li

  49. On the Delta Shock Wave Interactions for the Isentropic Chaplygin Gas System Consisting of Three Scalar Equations, 5355-5373
  50. Meina Sun, Jie Xin

  51. Solvability of Infinite Systems of Nonlinear Integral Equations in Two Variables by Using Semi-Analytic Method, 5375-5386
  52. Anupam Das, Bipan Hazarika, H. M. Srivastava, Mohsen Rabbani, R. Arab

  53. Study of Two Dimensional Boundary Layer Flow of a Thin Film Second Grade Fluid with Variable Thermo-Physical Properties in Three Dimensions Space, 5387-5405
  54. Noor Saeed Khan