Volume 35, Number 15, 2021

  1. Hopkins-Levitzki Theorem for Krasner Hyperrings, 4963-4970
  2. S. Ostadhadi-Dehkordi, K. P. Shum

  3. Analysis of a Tritrophic Food Chain Model with Fear Effect Incorporating Prey Refuge, 4971-4999
  4. Sangeeta Saha, G. P. Samanta

  5. Certain Results of Conformal and ∗-Conformal Ricci Soliton on Para-Cosymplectic and Para-Kenmotsu Manifolds, 5001-5015
  6. Sumanjit Sarkar, Santu Dey, Xiaomin Chen

  7. On Some Enriched Contractions in Banach Spaces and an Application, 5017-5029
  8. Pratikshan Mondal, Hiranmoy Garai, Lakshmi Kanta Dey

  9. A Note on Evolution Equation on Manifold, 5031-5043
  10. Allaberen Ashyralyev, Yasar Sozen, Fatih Hezenci

  11. Some Mathematical Properties of the Geometric–Arithmetic Index/Coindex of Graphs, 5045-5057
  12. S. Stankov, M. Matejić, I. Milovanović, E. Milovanović

  13. Global Optimal Solutions of a System of Differential Equations via Measure of Noncompactness, 5059-5071
  14. Moosa Gabeleh, Jack Markin

  15. New Topologies From Obtained Operators via Weak Semi-Local Function and Some Comparisons, 5073-5081
  16. Ferit Yalaz, Aynur Keskin Kaymakci

  17. Cline’s Formula and Jacobson’s Lemma for g-Drazin Inverse, 5083-5091
  18. Huanyin Chen, Marjan Sheibani Abdolyousefi

  19. Spectral Radius and Energy of Sombor Matrix of Graphs, 5093-5100
  20. Zhao Wang, Yaping Mao, Ivan Gutman, Jichang Wu, Qin Ma

  21. On Block Diagonal Majorization and Basic Sequences, 5101-5113
  22. Ali Bayati Eshkaftaki, Noha Eftekhari

  23. Product Structures and Complex Structures of Hom-Lie-Yamaguti Algebras, 5115-5130
  24. Lihong Dong, Liuhui Ma

  25. Bourgain Algebras of Ideals in H Generated by Inner Functions, 5131-5135
  26. Miroslav Hristov

  27. Geometric Characteristics of a Manifold With a Symmetric-Type Quarter-Symmetric Projective Conformal Non-metric Connection, 5137-5147
  28. Di Zhao, Talyun Ho, Kumhyok Kwak, CholYong Jon

  29. Szász Type Operators Involving Charlier Polynomials and Approximation Properties, 5149-5159
  30. A.A.H. Al-Abied, M. Ayman Mursaleen, M. Mursaleen

  31. Iterated Function System of Generalized Contractions in Partial Metric Spaces, 5161-5180
  32. Talat Nazir, Melusi Khumalo, Vuledzani Makhoshi

  33. On the Preconditioning of Three-by-Three Block Saddle Point Problems, 5181-5194
  34. Hamed Aslani, Davod Khojasteh Salkuyeh, Fatemeh Panjeh Ali Beik

  35. Embedding Besov Type Spaces Bp (λ) into Tent Spaces and Volterra Integral operators, 5195-5207
  36. Ruishen Qian

  37. Points of Openness of Some Mappings, 5209-5214
  38. Ľubica Holá, Alireza Kamel Mirmostafaee

  39. Weakly S-Artinian Modules, 5215-5226
  40. Omid Khani-Nasab, Ahmed Hamed

  41. Certain Properties of Lupaş–Kantorovich Operators, 5227-5236
  42. Vijay Gupta

  43. On A-Numerical Radius Inequalities for 2 x 2 Operator Matrices-II, 5237-5252
  44. Satyajit Sahoo

  45. The Uniform Asymptotic Normality of a Matrix-T Distribution, 5253-5261
  46. Kai Can Li, Jian Lin Zhang, Di Shou Mao

  47. On the Matrix Classes (c0, c0) and (c0, c0; P) over Complete Ultrametric Fields, 5263-5270
  48. P. N. Natarajan

  49. The Spectral Norm and Spread of g-Circulant Matrices Involving Generalized Tribonacci Numbers, 5271-5278
  50. Shouqiang Shen, Weijun Liu, Lihua Feng

  51. Some Tauberian Theorems for Cesàro Summability of Double Integrals over R+2, 5279-5291
  52. Gökşen Fındık, İbrahim Çanak

  53. A Distinction of k-Hyponormal and Weakly k-Hyponormal Weighted Shifts, 5293-5301
  54. Chunji Li, Mi Ryeong Lee, Yiping Xiao

  55. Asymptotical Mean-Square Stability of Split-Step θ Methods for Stochastic Pantograph Differential Equations Under Fully-Geometric Mesh, 5303-5316
  56. Xiaochen Yang, Yu Xiao, Zhanwen Yang, Chiping Zhang