Volume 35, Number 5, 2021

  1. Some Integral Inequalities via (p, q)−Calculus On Finite Intervals, 1421-1430
  2. Mevlüt Tunç, Esra Göv

  3. Proximity Inductive Dimension and Brouwer Dimension Agree on Compact Hausdorff Spaces, 1431-1437
  4. Jeremy Siegert

  5. A Classification of Generalized Derivations in Rings With Involution, 1439-1452
  6. Bharat Bhushan, Gurninder S. Sandhu, Shakir Ali, Deepak Kumar

  7. Existence and Uniqueness of Weak Solution of p(x)- Laplacian in Sobolev Spaces With Variable Exponents in Complete Manifolds, 1453-1463
  8. Omar Benslimane, Ahmed Aberqi, Jaouad Bennouna

  9. Exponential Moments and Simultaneous Approximation Properties for Durrmeyer Type Operators With Weights of Szasz Basis Functions, 1465-1475
  10. Antonio-Jesús López-Morenoa , Vijay Gupta

  11. On S-2-Absorbing Primary Submodules, 1477-1487
  12. Osama A. Naji

  13. Regular Methods of Summability and the Banach-Saks Property for Double Sequences, 1489-1494
  14. Raluca Dumitru, Jose A. Franco, Richard F. Patterson

  15. A Fast Compact Difference Scheme for the Fourth-Order Multi-Term Fractional Sub-Diffusion Equation With Non-smooth Solution, 1495-1509
  16. Dakang Cen, Zhibo Wang, Yan Mo

  17. Estimates for the Maximal Modulus of Rational Functions with Prescribed Poles, 1511-1517
  18. Gradimir V. Milovanović, Abdullah Mir, Abrar Ahmad

  19. Generalized Riemannian Spaces With Respect to 4-Velocity Vectors and Functions of State Parameters, 1519-1541
  20. Nenad O. Vesić, Dragoljub D. Dimitrijević, Dušan J. Simjanović

  21. Compact ADI Method for Two-Dimensional Riesz Space Fractional, 1543-1554
  22. Sohrab Valizadeh, Alaeddin Malek, Abdollah Borhanifar

  23. Global Optimal Approximate Solutions of Best Proximity Points, 1555-1564
  24. Mohammad Reza Haddadi, Vahid Parvaneh, Mohammad Mursaleen

  25. The Perturbation Bound for the T-Drazin Inverse of Tensor and its Application, 1565-1587
  26. Ying-nan Cui, Hai-feng Ma

  27. Invertible Linear Relations Generated by Integral Equations with Operator Measures, 1589-1607
  28. Vladislav M. Bruk

  29. Gaussian Pell and Gaussian Pell-Lucas Quaternions, 1609-1617
  30. Hasan Arslan

  31. Some Versions of Supercyclicity for a Set of Operators, 1619-1627
  32. Mohamed Amouch, Otmane Benchiheb

  33. The Existence of Solutions and Positive Solution of a First - Order Differential System With Initial and Multi-Point Boundary Conditions, 1629-1648
  34. Nguyen Thanh Long, Le Minh Tri, Le Thi Phuong Ngoc

  35. α − ψ-Contractive Type Mappings on Quasi-Metric Spaces, 1649-1659
  36. Salvador Romaguera. Pedro Tirado

  37. A Geometric Characterization of Ves and Kadiyala-Type Production Functions, 1661-1670
  38. Nicolò Cangiotti, Mattia Sensi

  39. On Minimal Faithful Representations of a Class of Nilpotent Lie Algebras, 1671-1686
  40. Marı́a Alejandra Alvarez, Nadina Rojas

  41. Corrigendum to ”On (L, M)-Fuzzy Convex Structures”, 1687-1691
  42. Hu Zhao, Qiao-Ling Song, O.R. Sayed, E. El-Sanousy, Y.H.Ragheb Sayed, Gui-Xiu Chen

  43. On Some Operations on Soft Topological Spaces, 1693-1705
  44. Milan Matejdes

  45. Certain Parameterized Inequalities Arising from Fractional Integral Operators with Exponential Kernels, 1707-1724
  46. Zhengrong Yuan, Taichun Zhou, Qiang Zhang, Tingsong Du

  47. Soft Set-Valued Mappings and their Application in Decision Making Problems, 1725-1733
  48. İdris Zorlutunа

  49. Some Norm Inequalities for Upper Sector Matrices, 1735-1743
  50. Dengpeng Zhang, Ning Zhang

  51. General Decay and Well-Posedness of the Cauchy Problem for the Jordan-Moore-Gibson-Thompson Equation With Memory, 1745-1773
  52. Salah Boulaaras, Abdelbaki Choucha, Djamel Ouchenane