The Significance of Coenzymes

Every living organism on Earth uses coenzymes in various important enzyme-catalyzed reactions, for example, ones that are involved in the central metabolic pathways such as glycolysis and the Krebs cycle. Many species can synthesize their own coenzymes from simple precursors, which is very important in four out of five kingdoms: prokaryotes, protozoa, fungi, and plants. On the other hand, animals don't have the ability to produce some of the coenzymes, hence they have to consume it through their diet.

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The teaching staff / Kerković, A., Ćirić J. (2002) High Pedagogical School in Niš. Niš: University of Niš, Faculty of Philosophy.

History of the Department of Chemistry

Since the foundation of our Department of Chemistry in 1971, it became famous in Serbia and aboard because of the success and skills of its undergraduates, graduates, and PhD students. Besides teaching, fundamental and applied researches were carried out in various fields of chemistry. Such scientific activities were accomplished through many projects funded by the Republic of Serbia and international projects, and within the framework of the Institute of Chemistry.

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