Volume 34, Number 1, 2020

The 2nd International Conference on Mathematics, Statistics & Information Technology (ICMSIT 2018)


  1. From Graph Theory to Nano Topology, 1-17
  2. N. A. Arafa, M. Shokry, M. Hassan

  3. Breast Cancer Classification Based on Improved Rough Set Theory Feature Selection, 19-34
  4. R. M. Farouk, Heba I. Mustafa, Abd Elmounem Ali

  5. Constraction of a Core Regular Double MS-Algebra, 35-50
  6. Abd El-Mohsen Badawy

  7. Sequences of Topological Near Open and Near Closed Sets with Rough Applications, 51-58
  8. A. S. Salama

  9. Quaternionic Bertrand Curves in the Galilean Space, 59-66
  10. M. Elzawy, S. Mosa

  11. Relations between L-Fuzzy Topogenous Orders and L-Fuzzy Pre-Uniformities, 67-77
  12. Ahmed Ramadan, Enas Elkordy

  13. An Operation on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Matrices, 79-88
  14. E. G. Emam

  15. Document Classification in Information Retrieval System based on Neutrosophic sets, 89-97
  16. O.G El Barbary

  17. Bitopological Approximation Space with Application to Data Reduction in Multi-valued Information Systems, 99-110
  18. A. S. Salama

  19. Some Methods to Reduction on Electrical Transmission Lines by Using Rough Concepts, 111-128
  20. A. A. Nasef, M. Shokry, S. Mukhtar

  21. On the Solvability of a Self-Reference Functional and Quadratic Functional Integral Equations, 129-141
  22. Ahmed M.A. EL-Sayed, Hanaa R. Ebead

  23. A Review of INMA Integer-valued Model Class, Application and Further Development, 143-152
  24. A.M.M. Shahiduzzaman Quoreshi, Reaz Uddin, Naushad Ali Mamode Khan

  25. Some Topological Structures of Fractals and their Related Graphs, 153-165
  26. Abd El Fattah A. El Atik, Arafa A. Nasef

  27. Quality Control for Feedback M/M/1/N Queue with Balking and Retention of Reneged Customers, 167-174
  28. K. A. M. Kotb, Hassnaa A. El-Ashkar

  29. Missing Value Prediction for Qualitative Information Systems, 175-185
  30. T. Medhat, Manal Elsayed

  31. γ− Operation & Decomposition of Some Forms of Fuzzy Soft Mappings on Fuzzy Soft Ideal Topological Spaces, 187-196
  32. S. A. El-Sheikh, Sawsan El-Sayed

  33. Fibrewise Partial Groups, 197-201
  34. A.I. Aggour, A. Fathy

  35. Supporting and Separating for Rough Convex Set, 203-210
  36. H. K. Elsayied, R. A. Afify, H. M. REHAB

  37. Stability of Fractional Optimal Control Problems With Parameters in the Objective Function, 211-219
  38. Ebrahim Abd-Allah Ebrahim Youness, Nabil Abdel-Ghafar Mohammed El-Kholy, Mohamed Husien Mohamed Eid, Mohamed Emad Abdelraouf

  39. Criteria of Saddle Points for the General Form of Vector Optimization Problem in Complex Space, 221-230
  40. Mamdouh E. Elbrolosy

  41. Analytical Techniques for Solving the Equation Governing the Unsteady Flow of a Polytropic Gas With Time-Fractional Derivative, 231-247
  42. E. E. Eladdad, E. A. Tarif

  43. On the Automorphism Group of Homogeneous Structures, 249-255
  44. Gábor Sági

  45. A Family of Extended Half-Distributions: Theory and Applications, 257-272
  46. Hassan S. Bakouch