Volume 34, Number 2, 2020

Proceedings of the first Mediterranean International Conference of Pure & Applied Mathematics and Related Areas (MICOPAM 2018)


  1. Topological Approach for Rough Sets by Using J-Nearly Concepts via Ideals, 273-286
  2. Mona Hosny

  3. Idealization of j-Approximation Spaces, 287-301
  4. Mona Hosny

  5. A Non-Iterative Reconstruction Method for Bioluminescence Tomography, 303-321
  6. Mourad Hrizi

  7. Generalized Contraction Involving an Open Ball and Common Fixed Point of Multivalued Mappings in Ordered Dislocated Quasi Metric Spaces, 323-338
  8. Abdullah Shoaib, Imran Shahzad Khan, Zahoor ul Hassan

  9. Some Existence Theorems for Semilinear Neumann Problems with Landesman-Lazer Condition Revisited, 339-350
  10. Sheng Ma, Zhihua Hu, Jing Jin, Qin Jiang

  11. Uniqueness Polynomials for Holomorphic Curves into the Complex Projective Space, 351-356
  12. Liu Yang

  13. Reciprocal Power GCDQ Matrices and Power LCMQ Matrices Defined on Factor Closed Sets over Euclidean Domains, 357-363
  14. Y. A. Awad, H. Chehade, R. Mghames

  15. Inner Differentiability and Differential Forms on Tangentially Locally Linearly Independent Sets, 365-372
  16. Aneta Velkoska, Zoran Misajleski

  17. Steffensen Type Inequalities for Anti-Symmetrized Monotone Functions, 373-377
  18. Marjan Praljak

  19. Rational Averaged Gauss Quadrature Rules, 379-389
  20. Lothar Reichel, Miodrag M. Spalević, Jelena D. Tomanović

  21. Lorentz-Marcinkiewicz Property of Direct Sum of Operators, 391-398
  22. Pembe Ipek Al

  23. An Application of Fuzzy Soft Multisets to Algebra, 399-408
  24. Canan Akın

  25. On the Complex Hermite Polynomials, 409-420
  26. Zhi-Guo Liu

  27. Application of Topological Degree Method in Quantitative Behavior of Fractional Differential Equations, 421-432
  28. Ghaus ur Rahman, Saeed Ahmad, Fazal Haq

  29. Construction of Fuzzy Topology by Using Fuzzy Metric, 433-441
  30. Abdülkadir Aygünoğlu, Ebru Aydoğdu, Halis Aygün

  31. On Radical Formula in Modules over Noncommutative Rings, 443-449
  32. Ortaç Öneş

  33. Some Identities on λ-Analogues of r-Stirling Numbers of the First Kind, 451-460
  34. Taekyun Kim, Dae San Kim

  35. A Solution of the Word Problem for Braid Groups via the Complex Reflection Group G12 , 461-467
  36. Ahmet Sinan Cevik, Amer Hassan Albargi

  37. Notes on the Poly-Korobov Polynomials and Related Polynomials, 469-474
  38. Burak Kurt

  39. On the Generalized q-Poly-Euler Polynomials of the Second Kind, 475-482
  40. Veli Kurt

  41. On the Upper Dual Zariski Topology, 483-489
  42. Seçil Çeken

  43. A Decomposition of Arf Semigroups, 491-498
  44. Nihal Gümüşbaş, Nesrin Tutaş

  45. Commutators of the B-Maximal Operator and B-Maximal Commutators, 499-505
  46. Simten Bayrakci

  47. On Fully Degenerate Bell Numbers and Polynomials, 507-514
  48. Dmitry V. Dolgy, Dae San Kim, Taekyun Kim, Jongkyum Kwon

  49. On Generalized q-Poly-Bernoulli Numbers and Polynomials, 515-520
  50. Secil Bilgic, Veli Kurt

  51. Some Identities and Formulas Derived From Analysis of Distribution Functions Including Bernoulli Polynomials and Stirling Numbers, 521-527
  52. Burcin Simsek

  53. Some Approximations with Hurwitz Zeta Function, 528-534
  54. Aykut Ahmet Aygunes

  55. Identities and Relations for Special Numbers and Polynomials: An Approach to Trigonometric Functions, 535-542
  56. Neslihan Kilar, Yilmaz Simsek

  57. A Note on Characteristic Function for Bernstein Polynomials Involving Special Numbers and Polynomials, 543-549
  58. Buket Simsek

  59. Some New Identities and Formulas for Higher-Order Combinatorial-Type Numbers and Polynomials, 551-558
  60. Irem Kucukoglu

  61. On Boole-Type Combinatorial Numbers and Polynomials, 559-565
  62. Yilmaz Simsek

  63. On Relations for the Partitions of Numbers, 567-574
  64. Busra Al, Mustafa Alkan

  65. On Submodules of Modules over Group Rings, 575-582
  66. Ortaç Öneş, Mustafa Alkan, Mehmet Uc

  67. Estimation of Rigidity of Concrete Based on Multi Parameters Using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Method with Levy Flight Distribution, 583-590
  68. Niyazi Ugur Kockal, Ibrahim Aydogdu

  69. Index, the Prime Ideal Factorization in Simplest Quartic Fields and Counting Their Discriminants, 591-600
  70. Abdelmejid Bayad, Mohammed Seddik

  71. Sharp Multidimensional Numerical Integration for Strongly Convex Functions on Convex Polytopes, 601-607
  72. Osama Alabdali, Allal Guessab

  73. Regression Analysis and Statistical Examination of Knoop Hardness on Abrasion Resistance in Lyca Beige Marbles, 609-614
  74. Burcu Aydin, Fusun Yalcin, Ozge Ozer, M. Gurhan Yalcin

  75. Inverse Problem for Bell Index, 615-621
  76. Muge Togan, Aysun Yurttas, Utkum Sanli, Feriha Celik, Ismail Naci Cangul

  77. Application of Multivariate Statistic and Pollution Index Techniques to Determine Beach Sand Element Distribution, East of Antalya City, 623-630
  78. Fusun Yalcin

  79. A Generalization of the Suborbital Graphs Generating Fibonacci Numbers for the Subgroup Γ3, 631-638
  80. Seda Öztürk

  81. (A, φ)- Lacunary Statistical Convergence of Order α , 639-645
  82. Ekrem Savaş

  83. Connectedness Criteria for Graphs by Means of Omega Invariant, 647-652
  84. Utkum Sanli, Feriha Celik, Sadik Delen, Ismail Naci Cangul

  85. Extended Incomplete Version of Hypergeometric Functions, 653-662
  86. Mehmet Ali Özarslan, Ceren Ustaoğlu

  87. Some Recurrence Formulas for the q-Bernoulli and q-Euler Polynomials, 663-669
  88. Rahime Dere Paçin

  89. Generalizations of a Formula due to Kummer with Applications, 671-682
  90. Yong Sup Kim, Gradimir V. Milovanović, Xiaoxia Wang, Arjun Kumar Rathie

  91. The New Derivation for Wreath Products of Monoids, 683-689
  92. Suha A. Wazzan, Firat Ates, Ahmet S. Cevik