Volume 35, Number 2, 2021

  1. Well Posedness Results for Higher-Order Neutral Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Poisson Jumps and Rosenblatt Process, 353-365
  2. K. Ramkumar, K. Ravikumar, A. Anguraj, Hamdy M. Ahmed

  3. Basic Properties of Unbounded Weighted Conditional Type Operators, 367-379
  4. Xiao-feng Liu, Yousef Estaremi

  5. Legendre Wavelet Approximation of Functions Having Derivatives of Lipschitz Class, 381-397
  6. Shyam Lal, Neha Patel

  7. Existence and Ulam-Hyers-Rassias Stability of Stochastic Differential Equations with Random Impulses, 399-407
  8. Wenxuan Lang, Sufang Deng, Xiao-Bao Shu, Fei Xu

  9. Erratum: A Companion of Ostrowski Type Integral Inequality Using a 5-Step Kernel with Some Applications, 409-417
  10. Andrea Aglić Aljinović

  11. An Efficient Method for the Numerical Solution of the Nonlinear Hammerstein Fractional Integral Equations, 419-429
  12. M. Nili Ahmadabadi, M. R. Velayati

  13. Planar Harmonic Mappings in a Family of Functions Convex in One Direction, 431-445
  14. Sudhananda Maharana, Swadesh Kumar Sahoo

  15. Fixed-Disc Results on Metric Spaces, 447-457
  16. Nihal Taş, Nabil Mlaiki, Hassen Aydi, Nihal Özgür

  17. An Optimized AOR Iterative Method for Solving Absolute Value Equations, 459-476
  18. Alireza Fakharzadeh Jahromi, Nafiseh Naseri Shams

  19. Extensions of Cline’s Formula for Some New Generalized Inverses, 477-483
  20. Zhenying Wu, Qingping Zeng

  21. The Structure of the Observable Algebra Determined by a Hopf ∗-Subalgebra in Hopf Spin Models, 485-500
  22. Xiaomin Wei, Lining Jiang, Qiaoling Xin

  23. Weak Fuzzy Topology on Vector Spaces, 501-514
  24. Bayaz Daraby, Nasibeh Khosravi, Asghar Rahimi

  25. Measure Pseudo Almost Periodic Solution for a Class of Nonlinear Delayed Stochastic Evolution Equations Driven by Brownian Motion, 515-534
  26. Nadia Belmabrouk, Mondher Damak, Mohsen Miraoui

  27. Dynamics of a Single Predator Multiple Prey Model With Stochastic Perturbation and Seasonal Variation, 535-549
  28. Hong-Wen Hui, Lin-Fei Niea

  29. Johnson Pseudo-Connes Amenability of Dual Banach Algebras, 551-559
  30. Amir Sahami, Seyedeh Fatemeh Shariati, Abdolrasoul Pourabbas

  31. Approximation Theorems in Weighted Lebesgue Spaces with Variable Exponent, 561-577
  32. Ahmet Testici

  33. On the Value Distribution of the Differential Polynomial A fn f(k) + B f n+1 − 1, 579-589
  34. Pulak Sahoo, Anjan Sarkar

  35. Extremities for Statistical Submanifolds in Kenmotsu Statistical Manifolds, 591-603
  36. Aliya Naaz Siddiqui, Young Jin Suh, O1̆uzhan Bahadır

  37. Duality for Multiobjective Variational Problems under Second-Order (Φ, ρ)-Invexity, 605-615
  38. Vivek Singh, I. Ahmad, S. K. Gupta, S. Al-Homidan

  39. Preservers of Partial Orders on the Set of all Variance-Covariance Matrices, 617-632
  40. Iva Golubić, Janko Marovt

  41. Complete Convergence and Complete Moment Convergence for Arrays of Rowwise Asymptotically Almost Negatively Associated Random Variables Under the Sub-Linear Expectations, 633-644
  42. Dawei Lu, Jingyao Cong, Yanchun Yang

  43. Multipliers and Closures of Besov-Type Spaces in the Bloch Space, 645-655
  44. Dongxia Li, Liu Yang

  45. Pseudo-Quasi-Conformal Curvature Tensor and Spacetimes of General Relativity, 657-666
  46. Young Jin Suh, Vasant Chavan, Naeem Ahmad Pundeer

  47. Some Results on q-Multiple Harmonic Sums, 667-677
  48. Junjie Quan

  49. A General Multi-Step Matrix Splitting Iteration Method for Computing PageRank, 679-706
  50. Zhaolu Tian, Xiaojing Li, Zhongyun Liu