Volume 35, Number 4, 2021

  1. On a Quaternionic Sequence with Vietoris’ Numbers, 1065-1086
  2. P. Catarino, R. De Almeida

  3. Generalized Inverses and Solutions to Related Equations, 1087-1093
  4. Shiyin Zhao, Yue Sui, Junchao Wei

  5. An Investigation on the Existence and Uniqueness Analysis of the Optimal Exercise Boundary of American Put Option, 1095-1105
  6. Davood Ahmadian, Akbar Ebrahimi, Karim Ivaz, Mariyan Milev

  7. Quantitative Estimates for Szász Operators and its Hybrid Variant, 1107-1114
  8. Ekta Pandey

  9. The Study on General Cubic Equations over p-Adic Fields, 1115-1131
  10. Mansoor Saburov, Mohd Ali Khameini Ahmad , Murat Alp

  11. The Shrinking Projection Method for Solving Split Best Proximity Point and Equilibrium Problems, 1133-1140
  12. Suthep Suantai, Jukrapong Tiammee

  13. Existence of Positive Solutions for a Singular Nonlinear Semipositone Fractional Differential Equations With Parametric Dependence, 1141-1154
  14. Om Kalthoum Wanassi, Faten Toumi

  15. Lyapunov Functions for Fractional Order h-Difference Systems, 1155-1178
  16. Xiang Liu, Baoguo Jia, Lynn Erbe, Allan Peterson

  17. B.-Y. Chen’s Inequality for Pointwise CR-Slant Warped Products in Cosymplectic Manifolds, 1179-1189
  18. Noura M. Al-houiti, Azeb Alghanemi

  19. On Approximation of Bernstein-Durrmeyer-Type Operators in Movable Interval, 1191-1203
  20. Fengfeng Wang, Dansheng Yu

  21. On Similarity of an Arbitrary Matrix to a Block Diagonal Matrix, 1205-1214
  22. Michael Gil’

  23. The Approximation by the Pertinent Euler-Lagrange-Jensen Generalized Quintic Functional Maps in Quasi-Banach Space, 1215-1231
  24. Nguyen Van Dung, Nguyen Thi Thanh Ly

  25. Symmetric Bi-derivations and their Generalizations on Group Algebras, 1233-1240
  26. Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi Gandomani, Mohammad Javad Mehdipour

  27. The Continuity and the Simplest Possible Expression of Inner Inverses of Linear Operators in Banach Space, 1241-1251
  28. Saijie Chen, Yayuan Zhao, Lanping Zhu, Qianglian Huang

  29. A New Generalization of Refined Young Inequalities for τ-Measurable Operators, 1253-1265
  30. Mohamed Amine Ighachane, Mohamed Akkouchi

  31. The Categorical Relationships Between Neighborhood Spaces, T-Neighborhood Spaces and Stratified L-Neighborhood Spaces, 1267-1287
  32. Lingqiang Li, Qiu Jin, Chunxin Bo, Zhenyu Xiu

  33. On the Dα Spectral Radius of Strongly Connected Digraphs, 1289-1304
  34. Weige Xi

  35. On Coefficient Inequalities of Certain Subclasses of Bi-Univalent Functions Involving the Sălăgean Operator, 1305-1313
  36. Amol B. Patil, Uday H. Naik

  37. Ordering Results Between the Largest Claims Arising From Two General Heterogeneous Portfolios, 1315-1332
  38. Sangita Das, Suchandan Kayal

  39. The Reverse Total Weighted Distance Problem on Networks with Variable Edge Lengths, 1333-1342
  40. Kien Trung Nguyen, Nguyen Thanh Hung

  41. Regularized Iterative Method for Ill-posed Linear Systems Based on Matrix Splitting, 1343-1358
  42. Ashish Kumar Nandi, Jajati Keshari Sahoo

  43. Convergence Results of a Faster Iterative Scheme Including Multi-Valued Mappings in Banach Spaces, 1359-1368
  44. Kifayat Ullah, Junaid Ahmad, Muhammad Safi Ullah Khan, Naseer Muhammad

  45. A New Iteration Process for Approximation of Fixed Points of α − ψ−Contractive Type Mappings in CAT(0) Spaces, 1369-1381
  46. Ali Abkar, Mojtaba Rastgoo, Liliana Guran

  47. N(κ)−Contact Metric Manifolds with Generalized Tanaka-Webster Connection, 1383-1392
  48. İnan Ünal, Mustafa Altın

  49. Some Inequalities for the (p, q)-Mixed Geominimal Surface Areas and Lp Radial Blaschke-Minkowski Homomorphisms, 1393-1403
  50. Juan Zhang, Weidong Wang

  51. Better Numerical Approximation by λ-Durrmeyer-Bernstein Type Operators, 1405-1419
  52. Voichiţa Adriana Radu, Purshottam Narain Agrawal, Jitendra Kumar Singh