Volume 33, Number 18, 2019

  1. Uniform Boundedness of Kantorovich Operators in Variable Exponent Lebesgue Spaces, 5755-5765
  2. Rabil Ayazoglu (Mashiyev), Sezgin Akbulut, Ebubekir Akkoyunlu

  3. Results on L-Functions of Certain Differential Polynomials Sharing One Finite Value, 5767-5776
  4. Xiao-Min Li, Fang Liu, Hong-Xun Yi

  5. Connections Between Hv-S-Act, GHS-Act and S-Act, 5777-5789
  6. Salma Shaheen, Muhammad Shabir

  7. The Moore-Penrose Inverse in Rings with Involution, 5791-5802
  8. Sanzhang Xu, Jianlong Chen

  9. Generalised Distances of Sequences II: B-Distances with Weight Sequences, 5803-5812
  10. Benedek Nagy

  11. A Fully Discrete Finite Element Scheme for the Kelvin-Voigt Model, 5813-5827
  12. Xiaoli Lu, Lei Zhang, Pengzhan Huang

  13. Wave Front Sets with Respect to Banach Spaces of Ultradistributions. Characterisation via the Short-Time Fourier Transform, 5829-5836
  14. Pavel Dimovski, Bojan Prangoski

  15. A Fixed Point Problem Under a Finite Number of Equality Constraints on b-Banach spaces, 5837-5849
  16. Monica-Felicia Bota, Erdal Karapınar

  17. Strong Convergent Iterative Techniques for 2-generalized Hybrid Mappings and Split Equilibrium Problems, 5851-5862
  18. Jing Zhao, Yunshui Liang, Zhenhai Liu

  19. Mind Duggal Transforms, 5863-5870
  20. Chafiq Benhida

  21. On the Hermite-Hadamard Inequalities for h−Convex Functions on Balls and Ellipsoids, 5871-5886
  22. Xiaoqian Wang, Jianmiao Ruan, Xinsheng Ma

  23. Approximate Controllability of Second-Order Nonlocal Impulsive Partial Functional Integro-Differential Evolution Systems in Banach Spaces, 5887-5912
  24. Mahalingam Nagaraj, Velusamy Kavitha, Dumitru Baleanu, Mani Mallika Arjunan

  25. Remarks on an Equation of the Ginzburg-Landau Type, 5913-5917
  26. Bei Wang

  27. The Characterization of Graphs with Eigenvalue −1 of Multiplicity n−4 or n−5, 5919-5933
  28. Yuhong Yang, Qiongxiang Huang

  29. On the Conditional Edge Connectivity of Double-Orbit Graphs, 5935-5948
  30. Shuang Zhao, Jixiang Meng

  31. Existence of Solutions for a System of Chandrasekhar’s Equations in Banach Algebras Under Weak Topology, 5949-5957
  32. Amor Fahem, Aref Jeribi, Najib Kaddachi

  33. Numerical Solution of Linear Stochastic Volterra Integral Equations via New Basis Functions, 5959-5966
  34. Ali Asghar Cheraghi Tofigh, Morteza Khodabin, Reza Ezzati

  35. Affine Spheres with Prescribed Blaschke Metric, 5967-5975
  36. Barbara Opozda

  37. Bounds on the Weighted Vertex PI Index of Cacti Graphs, 5977-5989
  38. Gang Ma, Qiuju Bian, Jianfeng Wang

  39. Modeling and Dynamic Behavior of a Discontinuous Tourism-Based Social-Ecological Dynamical System, 5991-6004
  40. M. Behjaty, Z. Monfared

  41. Further Nonlinear Version of Inequalities and Their Applications, 6005-6014
  42. Zareen. A. Khan

  43. On the Geometry of Trans-Para-Sasakian Manifolds, 6015-6024
  44. Simeon Zamkovoy

  45. A Riordan Array Approach to Apostol Type-Sheffer Sequences, 6025-6038
  46. Mumtaz Riyasat

  47. Spectral Analysis of Discrete Dirac Equation with Generalized Eigenparameter in Boundary Condition, 6039-6054
  48. Turhan Koprubasi, Ram N. Mohapatra

  49. On Some Sufficient Conditions for Periodicity of Meromorphic Function Under New Shared Sets, 6055-6072
  50. Abhijit Banerjee, Molla Basir Ahamed

  51. Strong Consistency Rates of Estimators in Semi-Parametric Errors-In-Variables Model with Missing Responses, 6073-6089
  52. Jingjing Zhang, Linran Zhang

  53. Approximate Proper Efficiency for Multiobjective Optimization Problems, 6091-6101
  54. Ying Gao, Zhihui Xu

  55. Complement of the Generalized Total Graph of Zn, 6103-6113
  56. T. Tamizh Chelvam, M. Balamurugan