Volume 33, Number 7, 2019

  1. Local Spectral Property of 2 × 2 Operator Matrices, 1845-1854
  2. Eungil Ko

  3. Function Characterizations of Some Spaces in Which Compacta are Gδ, 1855-1863
  4. Er-Guang Yang, Cong-Cong Wu

  5. Some Results on Dual Third-Order Jacobsthal Quaternions, 1865-1876
  6. Gamaliel Cerda-Morales

  7. A New Fuzzy-Valued Integral and Its Convergence Theorems, 1877-1887
  8. Cai-Li Zhou, Xin Chen

  9. Low-Level Separation Axioms From the Viewpoint of Computational Topology, 1889-1901
  10. Sang-Eon Han

  11. A Class of Constrained Inverse Eigenvalue Problem and Associated Approximation Problem for Symmetrizable Matrices, 1903-1909
  12. Xiangyang Peng, Wei Liu, Jinrong Shen

  13. Induced Dynamics in Hyperspaces of Non-Autonomous Discrete Systems, 1911-1920
  14. Radhika Vasisht, Ruchi Das

  15. Approximation by Generalized Integral Favard-Szász Type Operators Involving Sheffer Polynomials, 1921-1935
  16. Seda Karateke, Çiğdem Atakut, İbrahim Büyükyazıcı

  17. Starlikeness Associated with Lemniscate of Bernoulli, 1937-1955
  18. Vibha Madaan, Ajay Kumar, V. Ravichandran

  19. Minimal Bases and Minimal Sub-bases for Topological Spaces, 1957-1965
  20. Yiliang Li, Jinjin Li, Jun-e Feng, Hongkun Wang

  21. On the generalized Apostol-type Frobenius-Genocchi polynomials, 1967-1977
  22. Waseem A. Khan, Divesh Srivastava

  23. Superharmonicity of Logarithm of Jacobian of Harmonic Mappings Between Surfaces, 1979-1983
  24. David Kalaj

  25. Higher Order Duality of Multiobjective Constrained Ratio Optimization Problems, 1985-1998
  26. Arshpreet Kaur, Navdeep Kailey, M. K. Sharma

  27. On ∆m -Asymptotically Deferred Statistical Equivalent Sequences of Order α, 1999-2007
  28. Mikail Et, Muhammed Çınar, Hacer Şengül

  29. A Note on Warped Product Almost Quasi-Yamabe Solitons, 2009-2016
  30. Adara M. Blaga

  31. Spectral Theory for Polynomially Demicompact Operators, 2017-2030
  32. Fatma Ben Brahim, Aref Jeribi, Bilel Krichen

  33. Approximation of Metric Spaces by Reeb Graphs: Cycle Rank of a Reeb Graph, the Co-rank of the Fundamental Group, and Large Components of Level Sets on Riemannian Manifolds, 2031-2049
  34. Irina Gelbukha

  35. The Characterization and the Product of Quasi-Ehresmann Transversals, 2051-2060
  36. Xiangjun Kong, Pei Wang

  37. Compact Complement Topologies and k-Spaces, 2061-2071
  38. K. Keremedis, C. Özel, A. Piekosz , M.A. Al Shumrani, E. Wajch

  39. Ground State Solutions of p-Laplacian Singular Kirchhoff Problem Involving a Riemann-Liouville Fractional Derivative, 2073-2088
  40. Mouna Kratou

  41. Some Numerical Radius Inequalities for Products of Hilbert Space Operators, 2089-2093
  42. Mohsen Shah Hosseini, Baharak Moosavi

  43. Bounded Sobriety and k-Bounded Sobriety of Q-Cotopological Spaces, 2095-2106
  44. Yujing Zhang, Kaiyun Wang

  45. Operator Inequalities Related to p-Angular Distances, 2107-2111
  46. Davood Afkhami Tab, Hossein Dehghan

  47. Ideals in Bounded Equality Algebras, 2113-2123
  48. Akbar Paad

  49. ps-Drazin Inverses in Banach Algebras, 2125-2133
  50. Huanyin Chen, Tugce Pekacar Calci

  51. A Comparison Between MMAE and SCEM for Solving Singularly Perturbed Linear Boundary Layer Problems, 2135-2148
  52. Süleyman Cengizci

  53. Efficient Algorithms for Solving Nonlinear Fractional Programming Problems, 2149-2179
  54. Azam Dolatnezhadsomarin, Esmaile Khorram, Latif Pourkarimi

  55. Application Measure of Noncompactness and Operator Type Contraction for Solvability of an Infinite System of Differential Equations in lp-Space, 2181-2189
  56. Bipan Hazarikaa, Reza Arab, M. Mursaleen

  57. On the Essential Numerical Spectrum of Operators on Banach Spaces, 2191-2199
  58. Bouthaina Abdelhedi, Wissal Boubaker, Nedra Moalla,