Volume 35, Number 14, 2021

  1. From Euclid to Corner Sums – a Trail of Telescoping Tricks, 4613-4636
  2. Pedro Patrı́cio, Robert E. Hartwig

  3. On the Mostar Index of Trees and Product Graphs, 4637-4643
  4. Yaser Alizadeh, Kexiang Xu, Sandi Klavžar

  5. Applications of the Horadam Polynomials Involving λ-Pseudo-Starlike Bi-Univalent Functions Associated with a Certain Convolution Operator, 4645-4655
  6. H. M. Srivastavaa , A. K. Wanas

  7. Equivalence Between Distribution Functions and Probability Measures on a LOTS, 4657-4671
  8. José Fulgencio Gálvez-Rodrı́guez, Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Granero

  9. Corrigendum to “On the Mazur-Ulam Theorem in Non-Archimedean Fuzzy Anti-2-Normed Spaces”, 4673-4674
  10. Javier Cabello Sánchez, José Navarro Garmendia

  11. On the Disjoint Sums of M-Fuzzifying Convex Spaces, 4675-4690
  12. Yan Yan Dong, Fu-Gui Shi

  13. On Some Sharp Embedding Theorems in Area Nevanlinna Spaces and Related Problems, 4691-4700
  14. Romi F. Shamoyan, Olivera R. Mihić

  15. Multiple Nonnegative Solutions for a Class IVPs for Second Order ODEs, 4701-4713
  16. Svetlin Georgiev Georgiev, Mohamed Majdoub, Karima Mebarki

  17. On D-Invariant Points and Local Taylor Interpolation on Algebraic Hypersurfaces in RN, 4715-4730
  18. Phung Van Manh, Nguyen Van Trao, Phan Thanh Tung, Le Ngoc Cuong

  19. Degenerate Sumudu Transform and its Properties, 4731-4741
  20. Ugur Duran

  21. Upper-Solution or Lower-Solution Method for Langevin Equations with n Fractional Orders, 4743-4754
  22. Beddani Hamid

  23. Composition Results of Stepanov (µ, ν)-Pseudo Almost Automorphic Functions, 4755-4763
  24. Amor Rebey

  25. m-Convex Structure on b-Metric Spaces, 4765-4776
  26. Gholamhossein Amirbostaghi, Mehdi Asadi, Mohammad Reza Mardanbeigi

  27. The Almost I-Hurewicz Covering Property, 4777-4787
  28. Sumit Singh, Brij K. Tyagi, Manoj Bhardwaj

  29. Approximation by Associated GBS Operators of Szász-Mirakjan Type Operators, 4789-4809
  30. Rishikesh Yadav, Ramakanta Meher, Vishnu Narayan Mishra

  31. The Kontorovich-Lebedev-Clifford Transform, 4811-4824
  32. Akhilesh Prasad, U. K. Mandal

  33. Alternative Criteria for Boundedness of One Class of Integral Operators in Lebesgue Spaces, 4825-4836
  34. Aigerim Kalybay

  35. Effect of Anti-Predator Behaviour in a Prey-Predator System with Strong Allee Effect in Prey Population, 4837-4870
  36. Sangeeta Saha, G. P. Samanta

  37. Characterizations of Twisted Spacetime, 4871-4878
  38. Fatemah Mofarreh, Uday Chand De

  39. Symmetries in Yetter-Drinfel’d-Long Categories, 4879-4895
  40. Dongdong Yan, Shuanhong Wang

  41. On Tripled Fixed Point Theorems via Measure of Noncompactness with Applications to a System of Fractional Integral Equations, 4897-4915
  42. Vahid Parvaneh, Shahram Banaei, Jamal R. Roshan, M. Mursaleen

  43. On The Generalized Inequalities Of The Hermite – Hadamard Type, 4917-4924
  44. Juan E. Nápoles Valdés, Bahtiyar Bayraktar

  45. On the Rank of Semigroup of Transformations with Restricted Partial Range, 4925-4936
  46. Jiulin Jin

  47. On Fejér Type Inclusions for Products of Interval-Valued Convex Functions, 4937-4955
  48. Hüseyin Budak, Hasan Kara, Samet Erden

  49. New Estimates for the Numerical Radius, 4957-4962
  50. Hamid Reza Moradi, Mohammad Sababheh