Volume 34, Number 13, 2020

  1. Sequentially Cohen-Macaulay Matroidal Ideals, 4233-4244
  2. Madineh Jafari, Amir Mafi, Hero Saremi

  3. A New Transformation Formula Involving Derived WP-Bailey Pair and Its Applications, 4245-4252
  4. Zhizheng Zhang, Jing Gu, Hanfei Song

  5. Controlled b-Branciari Metric Type Spaces and Related Fixed Point Theorems with Applications, 4253-4269
  6. Sumaiya Tasneem Zubair, Kalpana Gopalan, Thabet Abdeljawad

  7. On Relative Essential Spectra of a 3 × 3 Operator Matrix Involving Relative Generalized Weak Demicompactness, 4271-4286
  8. Imen Ferjani, Aref Jeribi, Bilel Krichen

  9. Value Distribution of Some Differential Monomials, 4287-4295
  10. Bikash Chakraborty, Sudip Saha, Amit Kumar Pal, Jayanta Kamila

  11. Ordering of Bicyclic Signed Digraphs by Energy, 4297-4309
  12. Xiuwen Yang, Ligong Wang

  13. HUR-Approximation of an ELTA Functional Equation, 4311-4328
  14. A. R. Sharifi, H. Azadi Kenary, B. Yousefi, R. Soltani

  15. Convergence Estimates of a Family of Approximation Operators of Exponential Type, 4329-4341
  16. Vijay Gupta, Manuel López-Pellicer, H. M. Srivastava

  17. Codazzi and Statistical Connections on Almost Product Manifolds, 4343-4358
  18. E. Peyghan, C. Arcuş

  19. On Asymptotically λ− Statistical Equivalent Sequences of Order α in Probability, 4359-4365
  20. Kübra Elif Akbaş, Mahmut Işık

  21. Geometries for a Mutual Connection of Semi-Symmetric Metric Recurrent Connections, 4367-4374
  22. Di Zhao, Talyun Ho, An Jae Hyon

  23. Two Iterative Algorithms for Solving the Split Common Fixed Point Problems, 4375-4386
  24. Dingping Wu, Mihai Postolache

  25. A Fixed Point Theorem and an Application for the Cauchy Problem in the Scale of Banach Spaces, 4387-4398
  26. Vo Viet Tri, Erdal Karapinar

  27. Monotone Iterative Schemes for Positive Solutions of a Fractional Differential System with Integral Boundary Conditions on an Infinite Interval, 4399-4417
  28. Yaohong Li, Wei Cheng, Jiafa Xu

  29. Solving Coupled Tensor Equations via Higher Order LSQR Methods, 4419-4427
  30. Masoud Hajarian

  31. Existence and Uniqueness of Some Cauchy Type Problems in Fractional q-Difference Calculus, 4429-4444
  32. S. Shaimardan, L.E. Persson, N.S. Tokmagambetov

  33. Some Results on Rectifiable Spaces, 4445-4451
  34. Jing Zhang, Jiewen Chen, Hanfeng Wang

  35. Existence and Nonexistence Results for a System of Integral Boundary Value Problems With Parametric Dependence, 4453-4472
  36. Rim Bourguiba, Faten Toumi, Om Kalthoum Wanassi

  37. P-Hirano Inverses in Rings, 4473-4482
  38. Marjan Sheibani Abdolyousefi

  39. The Absolute Center of p-Groups of Maximal Class, 4483-4487
  40. R. Orfi, S. Fouladi

  41. Convergence Follows From Cesàro Summability in the Case of Slowly Decreasing or Slowly Oscillating Double Sequences in Certain Senses, 4489-4511
  42. Zerrin Önder, İbrahim Çanak

  43. Approximating the Finite Mellin and Sumudu Transforms Utilizing Wavelet Transform, 4513-4522
  44. Fuat Usta, Hüseyin Budak, Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya

  45. On Topological Equivalence of R-Uniformly Continuous Fuzzy Metric Spaces, 4523-4531
  46. Changqing Li, Yanlan Zhang, Jing Zhang

  47. Optimality Conditions for Higher Order Polyhedral Discrete and Differential Inclusions, 4533-4553
  48. Sevilay Demir Sağlam, Elimhan N. Mahmudov

  49. Some Inequalities for P-Class Functions, 4555-4566
  50. Ismail Nikoufar, Davuod Saeedi

  51. Multiple Weak Solutions for a Kind of Time-Dependent Equation Involving Singularity, 4567-4574
  52. F. Abdolrazaghi, A. Razani, R. Mirzaei

  53. On Topology of Polynomial Type Sequences with Bounded Integer Coefficients, 4575-4587
  54. Ali Hamidoğlu, Elimhan N. Mahmudov