Volume 37, Number 3, 2023

  1. Further refinement of Young’s type inequalities and its reversed using the Kantorovich constants , 675-688
  2. Mohamed Amine Ighachane, Mohamed Akkouchi

  3. On generalized implicit equilibrium problems, 689-698
  4. A. P. Farajzadeh, P. Zangenehmehr

  5. Reverse order law for generalized inverses with indefinite Hermitian weights, 699-709
  6. K. Kamaraj, P. Sam Johnson, Athira Satheesh K

  7. Simulations and bisimulations for fuzzy multimodal logics over Heyting algebras, 711-743
  8. Marko Stanković, Miroslav Ćirić, Jelena Ignjatović

  9. Existence and uniqueness of global solutions for non-autonomous evolution equations with state-dependent nonlocal conditions, 745-759
  10. Jianbo Zhu

  11. Reconstruction of Green’s function for multiplicative Sturm-Liouville problem, 761-773
  12. Emrah Yilmaz, Tuba Gulsen, Sertac Goktas

  13. Solid Cauchy transform on the weighted poly-Bergman spaces, 775-788
  14. R. El Harti, A. Elkachkouri, A. Ghanmi

  15. A note on an integral operator induced by Zygmund function, 789-796
  16. Fangming Cai, Qin Zhang

  17. Estimates on some functionals over non-linear resolvents, 797-808
  18. Mark Elin, Fiana Jacobzon

  19. Maximum principle for forward-backward partially observed optimal control of stochastic systems with delay, 809-832
  20. Ali Delavarkhalafi, A. S. Fatemion Aghda, Mahdieh Tahmasebi

  21. Operators with complex Gaussian kernels: asymptotic behaviours, 833-838
  22. B. J. González, E. R. Negrı́n

  23. A study on q-analogue of Catalan sequence spaces, 839-850
  24. Taja Yaying, Merve İlkhan Kara, Bipan Hazarika, Emrah Evren Kara

  25. Starlikness associated with limacon, 851-862
  26. Khadija Bano, Mohsan Raza

  27. Least-squares solutions of the generalized reduced biquaternion matrix equations, 863-870
  28. Yong Tian, Xin Liu, Yang Zhang

  29. The forward order law for Moore-Penrose inverse of multiple matrix product, 871-881
  30. Wanna Zhou, Zhiping Xiong, Yingying Qin

  31. New characterizations of partial isometries in rings, 883-889
  32. Qingbing Xu, Long Wang, Junchao Wei

  33. Stability of relative essential spectra involving relative demicompactness concept in Banach subalgebra, 891-903
  34. Slim Chelly

  35. Certain curves along Riemannian submersions, 905-913
  36. Gözde Özkan Tükel, Bayram Şahin, Tunahan Turhan

  37. Reeb Lie derivatives on real hypersurfaces in complex hyperbolic two-plane Grassmannians, 915-924
  38. Eunmi Pak, Gyu Jong Kim

  39. On the solvability of a semiperiodic boundary value problem for a pseudohyperbolic equation, 925-933
  40. N.T. Orumbayeva, T.D. Tokmagambetova

  41. α-Baskakov-Durrmeyer type operators and their approximation properties, 935-948
  42. Nadeem Rao, Pradeep Malik

  43. On metrics projectively and holomorphically projectively equivalent to metrics of parabolic Riemannian and Kähler manifolds, 949-956
  44. Josef Mikeš, Sergey E. Stepanov, Irina I. Tsyganok

  45. Common solutions for a monotone variational inequality problem and an infinite family of inverse strongly monotone non-self operators, 957-969
  46. Nguyen Buong

  47. A refinement of the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality accompanied by new numerical radius upper bounds, 971-977
  48. Mohammed Al-Dolat, Imad Jaradat

  49. Existence, uniqueness and stability results for neutral stochastic differential equations with random impulses, 979-987
  50. S. Varshini, K. Banupriya, K. Ramkumar, K. Ravikumar