Volume 35, Number 8, 2021

  1. Common Fixed Point Theorem for Modified Kannan Enriched Contraction Pair in Banach Spaces and Its Applications, 2485-2495
  2. Rizwan Anjum, Mujahid Abbas

  3. L-Topological Derived Internal (resp. Enclosed) Relation Spaces, 2497-2516
  4. Xiu-Yun Wu, Qi Liu, Chun-Yan Liao, Yan-Hui Zhao

  5. On Certain Difference Operators and their Explicitly Inverses, 2517-2531
  6. Pinakadhar Baliarsingh, Laxmipriya Nayak

  7. Integral Modification of Apostol-Genocchi Operators, 2533-2544
  8. Neha, Naokant Deo

  9. Atomic Decompositions in Weighted Bergman Spaces of Analytic Functions on Strictly Pseudoconvex Domains, 2545-2563
  10. Miloš Arsenović

  11. Variants of Shadowing Properties for Iterated Function Systems on Uniform Spaces, 2565-2572
  12. Radhika Vasisht, Mohammad Salman, Ruchi Das

  13. Generalized Cline’s Formula for g-Drazin Inverse in a Ring, 2573-2583
  14. Huanyin Chen, Marjan Sheibani Abdolyousefi

  15. Radical Transversal SCR-Lightlike Submanifolds of Indefinite Sasakian Manifolds, 2585-2594
  16. S.S. Shukla, Akhilesh Yadav

  17. Approximation of Generalized Nonlinear Urysohn Operators Using Positive Linear Operators, 2595-2604
  18. Cristina Maria Păcurar, Radu Păltănea

  19. The Drazin Inverse Matrix Modification Formulae With Peirce Corners, 2605-2616
  20. Daochang Zhang, Dijana Mosić, Jianping Hu

  21. Analytic Transient Solutions of a Cylindrical Heat Equation, 2617-2628
  22. K. Y. Kung, Man-Feng Gong, H. M. Srivastava, Shy-Der Lin

  23. Starlikeness, Convexity and Landau Type Theorem of the Real Kernel α−Harmonic Mappings School, 2629-2644
  24. Bo-Yong Long, Qi-Han Wang

  25. Maximal Point Spaces of Posets with Relative Lower Topology, 2645-2661
  26. Chong Shen, Xiaoyong Xi, Dongsheng Zhao

  27. Hilbert-Schmidt Numerical Radius of Block Operators, 2663-2678
  28. Satyajit Sahoo, Mohammad Sababheh

  29. Curvature Properties of Almost Ricci-Like Solitons with Torse-Forming Vertical Potential on Almost Contact B-Metric Manifolds, 2679-2691
  30. Mancho Manev

  31. On the Stability of a Quadratic Functional Equation Over Non-Archimedean Spaces, 2693-2704
  32. Gastão Bettencourt, Sérgio Mendes

  33. Norm Bounds for the Inverse for Generalized Nekrasov Matrices in Point-Wise and Block Case, 2705-2714
  34. M. Nedović

  35. Numerical Ranges of Conjugations and Antilinear Operators on a Banach Space, 2715-2720
  36. Muneo Chō, Injo Hur, Ji Eun Lee

  37. Fatou and Julia Like Sets II, 2721-2730
  38. Kuldeep Singh Charak, Anil Singh, Manish Kumar

  39. Approximation by Sampling-Type Nonlinear Discrete Operators in φ-Variation, 2731-2746
  40. İsmail Aslan

  41. Constructing Some Logical Algebras from EQ-Algebras, 2747-2760
  42. Rajab Ali Borzooei, Narges Akhlaghinia, Xiao Long Xin, Mona Aaly Kologani

  43. The Minus Order for Projections, 2761-2774
  44. Yuan Li, Jiajia Niu, Xiao-Ming Xu

  45. Nonlinear Maps Preserving the Mixed Product [A • B, C] on Von Neumann Algebras, 2775-2781
  46. Changjing Li, Yuanyuan Zhao, Fangfang Zhao

  47. Approximation on Bivariate Parametric-Extension of Baskakov-Durrmeyer-Operators, 2783-2800
  48. Md Nasiruzzaman, Nadeem Rao, Manish Kumar, Ravi Kumar

  49. On Three-Dimensional (m, ρ)-Quasi-Einstein N(κ)-Contact Metric Manifold, 2801-2809
  50. Avijit Sarkar, Uday Chand De, Gour Gopal Biswas

  51. Generalizations of Some Hardy-Littlewood-Pólya Type Inequalities and Related Results, 2811-2826
  52. Sadia Khalid, Josip Pečarić

  53. Multiplicity of Solutions for Perturbed Nonlinear Fractional p-Laplacian Boundary Value Systems Related With Two Control Parameters, 2827-2848
  54. Jiabin Zuo, Rafik Guefaifia, Fares Kamache, Salah Boulaaras