Volume 36, Number 3, 2022

  1. An Association between Digraphs and Rings, 715-720
  2. Hamza Daoub, Osama Shafah, Aleksandar Lipkovski

  3. On Sublinear Quasi-Metrics and Neighborhoods in Locally Convex Cones, 721-728
  4. Z. Yousefi, M.R. Motallebi

  5. On Integral Generalization of Lupaş-Jain Operators, 729-740
  6. Prashantkumar Patel, Murat Bodur

  7. On Generalized W2 -Curvature Tensor of Para-Kenmotsu Manifolds, 741-752
  8. Teerathram Raghuwanshi, Shravan Kumar Pandey, Manoj Kumar Pandey, Anil Goyal

  9. An Existence Results for a Fractional Differential Equation with Φ-Fractional Derivative, 753-762
  10. Moustafa Beddani, Benaouda Hedia

  11. Some Essential Spectra of Unbounded Operator Matrices Pencils with Non-Diagonal Domain and Application, 763-779
  12. Nedra Moalla, Wafa Selmi

  13. Second Degree Linear Forms and Semiclassical Forms of Class One. A Case Study, 781-800
  14. Imed Ben Salah, Francisco Marcellán, Mohamed Khalfallah

  15. Sharp Bounds for Certain m-linear Integral Operators on p-adic Function Spaces, 801-812
  16. Tserendorj Batbold, Yoshihiro Sawano, Ganbaatar Tumendemberel

  17. Discontinuous Linear Hamiltonian Systems, 813-827
  18. Bilender P. Allahverdiev, Hüseyin Tuna

  19. Perfect Fluid Spacetimes and Gradient Solitons, 829-842
  20. Uday Chand De, Carlo Alberto Mantica, Young Jin Suh

  21. Some Characterizations of Strongly Partial Isometry Elements in Rings with Involutions, 843-851
  22. Shiyin Zhao, Junchao Wei

  23. Fixed Points of Mappings on Extended Cone b-Metric Space Over Real Banach Algebra, 853-868
  24. Wahid Ullah, Maria Samreen, Tayyab Kamran

  25. Some Results in Cauchy-Stieltjes Kernel Families, 869-880
  26. Raouf Fakhfakh

  27. Remarks on R-Separability of Pixley–Roy Hyperspaces, 881-886
  28. Zuquan Li

  29. The Common Solution of Twelve Matrix Equations over the Quaternions, 887-903
  30. Wei-Jie Yuan, Qing-Wen Wang

  31. Domain of Padovan q-Difference Matrix in Sequence Spaces ℓp and ℓ, 905-919
  32. Taja Yaying, Bipan Hazarika, S. A. Mohiuddine

  33. Conditions Under Which Convergence of a Sequence or its Certain Subsequences Follows From Deferred Cesàro Summability, 921-931
  34. Sefa Anıl Sezer, İbrahim Çanak, Hemen Dutta

  35. Strong Coupled Proximal Points of Cyclic Coupled Proximal Mappings Using Ck -Class Functions in S-Metric Spaces, 933-944
  36. G. V. R. Babu, P. Durga Sailaja, G. Srichandana

  37. New Characterizations of the Generalized B-T Inverse, 945-950
  38. Sanzhang Xu, Dingguo Wang

  39. On Congruences with Binomial Coefficients and Harmonic Numbers, 951-960
  40. Sibel Koparal, Laid Elkhiri, Neşe Ömür

  41. The Error Estimates of Kronrod Extension for Gauss-Radau and Gauss-Lobatto Quadrature with the Four Chebyshev Weights, 961-977
  42. Davorka Jandrlić, Aleksandar Pejčev, Miodrag Spalević

  43. Equivalence Among L-Closure (Interior) Operators, L-Closure (Interior) Systems and L-Enclosed (Internal) Relations, 979-1003
  44. Fangfang Zhao, Bin Pang

  45. Anti-Gaussian Quadrature Rule for Trigonometric Polynomials, 1005-1019
  46. Nevena Z. Petrović, Marija P. Stanić, Tatjana V. Tomović Mladenović

  47. Products and Inverses of Multidiagonal Matrices with Equally Spaced Diagonals, 1021-1030
  48. László Losonczi

  49. On the Stability of Multicubic-Quartic and Multimixed Cubic-Quartic Mappings, 1031-1048
  50. Zohreh Abbasbeygi, Abasalt Bodaghi, Ayoub Gharibkhajeh

  51. On Kantorovich Variant of Baskakov Type Operators Preserving Some Functions, 1049-1060
  52. Khursheed J. Ansari

  53. Some Studies on Partial Isometry in Rings with Involution, 1061-1067
  54. Xinyu Yang, Zhiyong Fan, Wei Junchao