Volume 34, Number 11, 2020

  1. Generalized Fiedler Pencils with Repetition for Rational Matrix Functions, 3529-3552
  2. Namita Behera

  3. Scalar Extensions for Polar Topologies in Locally Convex Cones, 3553-3560
  4. M. Yousefzadeh, M.R. Motallebi

  5. Fixed Point Theorems of Generalized Greguš Type in Quasi-Metric Spaces for Two Pairs of Mappings Satisfying Common Coincidence Range Property, 3561-3566
  6. Valeriu Popa, Dan Popa

  7. A Classification of 3-Dimensional η-Einstein Paracontact Metric Manifolds, 3567-3573
  8. Simeon Zamkovoy , Assen Bojilov

  9. Covering Properties of Cp (X) and Ck (X), 3575-3599
  10. J. C. Ferrando, M. López-Pellicer

  11. On Some General Inequalities Related to Operator AM-GM Inequality, 3601-3607
  12. Rahim Safshekan, Ali Farokhinia

  13. A New Compact Alternating Direction Implicit Method for Solving Two Dimensional Time Fractional Diffusion Equation With Caputo-Fabrizio Derivative, 3609-3626
  14. Mehran Taghipour, Hossein Aminikhah

  15. Strongly (p, q)-Summable Sequences, 3627-3637
  16. Rachid Soualmia, Dahmane Achour, Elhadj Dahia

  17. A New Young Type Inequality Involving Heinz Mean, 3639-3654
  18. Changsen Yang, Yu Li

  19. Abelian Theorems for Laplace and Mehler-Fock Transforms of Generalized Functions, 3655-3662
  20. B. J. González, E. R. Negrı́n

  21. Schur Convexity of Mixed Mean of n Variables Involving Three Parameters, 3663-3674
  22. Dong-sheng Wang, Huan-Nan Shi, Chun-Ru Fu

  23. On Nonsingularity and Group Invertibility of Combinations of Two Group Invertible Matrices, 3675-3687
  24. Yu Li, Kezheng Zuo

  25. Convergence and Stability of an Iterative Algorithm for Strongly Accretive Lipschitzian Operator with Applications, 3689-3704
  26. Vivek Kumar, Nawab Hussain, Abdul Rahim Khan, Faik Gürsoy

  27. Some Singular Value Inequalities Related to Linear Maps, 3705-3709
  28. Junjian Yang, Linzhang Lu, Zhen Chen

  29. A Note on the Schwarz Lemma for Harmonic Functions, 3711-3720
  30. Marek Svetlik

  31. Ordering of the Unicyclic Signed Graphs With Perfect Matchings by Their Minimal Energies, 3721-3745
  32. Ling Yuan, Wen-Huan Wang

  33. Hemi-slant ξ −Riemannian Submersions in Contact Geometry, 3747-3758
  34. Ramazan Sari, Mehmet Akif Akyol

  35. A Note on the Potential Function of an Arbitrary Graph H, 3759-3766
  36. Jianhua Yin, Guangming Li

  37. Gray’s Decomposition on Doubly Warped Product Manifolds and Applications, 3767-3776
  38. Hoda K. El-Sayied, Carlo A. Mantica, Sameh Shenawy, Noha Syied

  39. Best Simultaneous Approximation on Metric Spaces via Monotonous Norms, 3777-3787
  40. Mona Khandaqji, Aliaa Burqan

  41. Existence Criteria of Positive Solutions for Fractional p-Laplacian Boundary Value Problems, 3789-3799
  42. Fulya Yoruk Deren, Tugba Senlik Cerdik, Ravi P. Agarwal

  43. Iterative Contraction at a Point via Wardowski Function, 3801-3813
  44. Andreea Fulga, Selma Gulyaz-Ozyurt, Ali Ozturk

  45. Function Spaces Based on L-Sets, 3815-3834
  46. Jinming Fang, Yueli Yue

  47. The Order of Convergence of an Optimal Quadrature Formula With Derivative in the Space W2(2,1), 3835-3844
  48. A.R. Hayotov, R.G. Rasulov

  49. Expressions for the g-Drazin inverse in a Banach algebra, 3845-3854
  50. Huanyin Chen, Marjan Sheibani

  51. On the Problem of Discontinuity at Fixed Point, 3855-3860
  52. Bharti Joshi, Durgesh Pant, S. K. Padaliya, Govind Pathak

  53. On a Class of Infinite System of Third-Order Differential Equations in lp via Measure of Noncompactness, 3861-3870
  54. E. Pourhadi, M. Mursaleen, R. Saadati

  55. On Expected Error of Randomized Nyström Kernel Regression, 3871-3884
  56. Aleksandar Trokicić, Branimir Todorović