Volume 33, Number 6, 2019

  1. Symmetric Functions of Binary Products of Fibonacci and Orthogonal Polynomials, 1495-1504
  2. Ali Boussayoud, Mohamed Kerada, Serkan Araci, Mehmet Acikgoz, Ayhan Esi

  3. Strong Convergence of a Selection of Ishikawa-Reich-Sabach-type Algorithm, 1505-1516
  4. Felicia Obiageli Isiogugu, Paranjothi Pillay, Osuo-Siseken Uzoma-Oguguo

  5. Approximation by Jakimovski-Leviatan-Stancu-Durrmeyer Type Operators, 1517-1530
  6. M. Mursaleen, Shagufta Rahman, Khursheed J. Ansari

  7. On Extremal Bipartite Graphs with a Given Connectivity, 1531-1540
  8. Hanlin Chen, Hanyuan Deng, Renfagn Wu

  9. Frenet Frame With Respect to Conformable Derivative, 1541-1550
  10. Uğur Gözütok, Hüsnü Anıl Çoban, Yasemin Sağıroğlu

  11. Two Methods for Determining Properly Efficient Solutions with a Minimum Upper Bound for Trade-Offs, 1551-1559
  12. Behnam Hozzar, Ghasem Tohidi, Behrouz Daneshian

  13. Packing 1-Plane Hamiltonian Cycles in Complete Geometric Graphs, 1561-1574
  14. Hazim Michman Trao, Niran Abbas Ali, Gek L. Chia, Adem Kilicman

  15. On Bazilevic̆ Functions and Umezawa’s Lemma, 1575-1582
  16. Mamoru Nunokawa, Janusz Sokół

  17. Minimal Translation Surfaces in the Three-Dimensional Heisenberg Group, 1583-1592
  18. Çağla Ramıs, Marian Ioan Munteanu

  19. Resistance Distance and Kirchhoff Index in Generalized R-Vertex and R-Edge Corona for Graphs, 1593-1604
  20. Qun Liu

  21. A Further Result on the Potential-Ramsey Number of G1 and G2, 1605-1617
  22. Jinzhi Du, Jianhua Yin

  23. Higher-Order Duality Results for a New Class of Nonconvex Nonsmooth Multiobjective Programming Problems, 1619-1639
  24. Tadeusz Antczak, Hachem Slimani

  25. Lower Semicontinuity of Approximate Solution Mappings for a Parametric Generalized Strong Vector Equilibrium Problem, 1641-1648
  26. Qilin Wang, Liu He, Xiaobing Li

  27. Numerical Algorithms for Solving the Least Squares Symmetric Problem of Matrix Equation AXB + CXD = E, 1649-1658
  28. Shi-Fang Yuan, Ming-Zhao Li, Yong Tian

  29. Determinants Involving the Numbers of the Stirling-Type, 1659-1666
  30. Aimin Xu

  31. Condition Numbers of the Least Squares Problems with Multiple Right-Hand Sides, 1667-1676
  32. Lingsheng Meng, Bing Zheng

  33. New Extragradient Methods with Non-Convex Combination for Pseudomonotone Equilibrium Problems with Application in Hilbert Space, 1677-1693
  34. Shenghua Wang, Yifan Zhang, Ping Ping, Yeol Je Cho, Haichao Guo

  35. On the Existence of Solutions for Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Fractional Brownian Motion, 1695-1700
  36. Zhi Li

  37. The Exact Spectral Asymptotic of the Logarithmic Potential on Harmonic Function Space, 1701-1714
  38. Djordjije Vujadinović

  39. Convex Optimization of Interval Valued Functions on Mixed Domains, 1715-1725
  40. Awais Younus, Onsia Nisar

  41. S-Iteration Process of Halpern-Type for Common Solutions of Nonexpansive Mappings and Monotone Variational Inequalities, 1727-1746
  42. D. R. Sahu, Ajeet Kumar, Ching-Feng Wen

  43. Finite Spectrum of Sturm-Liouville Problems with Eigenparameter-Dependent Boundary Conditions on Time Scales, 1747-1757
  44. Ji-jun Ao, Juan Wang

  45. The Point Spectrum and Residual Spectrum of Upper Triangular Operator Matrices, 1759-1771
  46. Xiufeng Wu, Junjie Huang, Alatancang Chen

  47. New Error Estimation Based on Midpoint Iterative Method for Solving Nonlinear Fuzzy Fredholm Integral Equations, 1773-1782
  48. Vahid Samadpour Khalifeh Mahaleh, Reza Ezzati

  49. The First Two Cacti with Larger Multiplicative Eccentricity Resistance-Distance, 1783-1800
  50. Yunchao Hong, Zhongxun Zhu

  51. Convergence Analysis of the Generalized Euler-Maclaurin Quadrature Rule for Solving Weakly Singular Integral Equations, 1801-1815
  52. Grzegorz Rza̧dkowski, Emran Tohidi

  53. Limit Theorems for Asymptotic Circular mth-Order Markov Chains Indexed by an m-Rooted Homogeneous Tree, 1817-1832
  54. Huilin Huang, Weiguo Yang

  55. A Process of Project Quality Improvement, 1833-1844
  56. Ivana Ilić, Vladica M. Veličković