Volume 36, Number 4, 2022

  1. The Second Regularized Trace of Even Order Differential Operators with Operator Coefficient, 1069-1080
  2. Özlem Baksi, Yonca Sezer

  3. Generalized Inverses and the Solutions of Constructed Equations, 1081-1087
  4. Chunmei Peng, Hainan Zhou, Junchao Wei

  5. Canonical Almost Geodesic Mappings of the First Type onto Generalized Ricci Symmetric Spaces, 1089-1097
  6. Vladimir Berezovski, Yevhen Cherevko, Irena Hinterleitner, Josef Mikeš

  7. Existence of Mild Solutions to Semilinear Fractional Evolution Equation Using Krasnoselskii Fixed Point Theorem, 1099-1112
  8. Tran Bao Ngoc, Nguyen Huy Tuan

  9. (m, ∞)-Expansive and (m, ∞)-Contractive Commuting Tuple of Operators on a Banach Space, 1113-1123
  10. Hadi Obaid Alshammari, Sid Ahmed Ould Ahmed Mahmoud

  11. The m-WG Inverse in Minkowski Space, 1125-1141
  12. Hui Wu, Hongxing Wang, Hongwei Jin

  13. Two Families of Separation Axioms on Infra Soft Topological Spaces, 1143-1157
  14. Tareq M. Al-shami, Abdelwaheb Mhemdi

  15. New Areas for Applications of Contractive Mappings, 1159-1169
  16. H. Hosseinpour, H.R. Marasi, H. Afshari, A. Jodayree Akbarfam

  17. Double Points and Universal Covers, 1171-1177
  18. Daniele Ettore Otera

  19. Approximation by q-Bernstein-Stancu-Kantorovich Operators with Shifted Knots of Real Parameters, 1179-1194
  20. Mohammad Ayman Mursaleen, Adem Kilicman, Md. Nasiruzzaman

  21. Geometrical and Physical Properties of W2 -Symmetric and -Recurrent Manifolds, 1195-1202
  22. Di Zhao, Talyun Ho

  23. Quasi-Yamabe Solitons and Almost Quasi-Yamabe Solitons on Lightlike Hypersurfaces, 1203-1214
  24. Arfah Arfah

  25. Existence of Solutions for Non-Autonomous Second-Order Stochastic Inclusions with Clarke’s Subdifferential and non Instantaneous Impulses, 1215-1230
  26. Anjali Upadhyay, Surendra Kumar

  27. Integral Operators on Local Orlicz-Morrey Spaces, 1231-1243
  28. Tat-Leung Yee, Ka-Luen Cheung, Kwok-Pun Ho

  29. A New Method of Constructing Weak Crossed Products, 1245-1253
  30. Quan-guo Chen

  31. Further Study on Induced L-Convex Spaces, 1255-1267
  32. Chengyu Liang, Jinyan Wang

  33. Matrix Pencils Completions Under Double Rank Restrictions, 1269-1293
  34. Marija Dodig

  35. On the Boundary and Global Behavior of Mappings of Riemannian Surfaces, 1295-1327
  36. Evgeny Sevost’yanov

  37. A New Characterization of the Closure of Dirichlet Type Spaces Ds in Bloch Spaces and Interpolating Blaschke Product, 1329-1336
  38. Shangjing Hao, Liu Yang

  39. On the Inequality w(AB) ≤ c∥A∥w(B) where A is a Positive Operator, 1337-1340
  40. El Hassan Benabdi, Abderrahim Baghdad, Mohamed Chraibi Kaadoud, Mohamed Barraa

  41. Bornological Spaces in the Context of Fuzzy Soft Sets, 1341-1350
  42. Vildan Çetkin

  43. Palindromic p-Adic Continued Fractions, 1351-1362
  44. Basma Ammous, Lamia Dammak

  45. Existence and Controllability Results for Integrodifferential Equations with State-Dependent Delay and Random Effects, 1363-1379
  46. Amadou Diop, Mbarack Fall, Mamadou Abdoul Diop, Khalil Ezzinbi

  47. Optimal Control Problem for Fractional Stochastic Nonlocal Semilinear System, 1381-1392
  48. Rohit Patel, Anurag Shukla, Shimpi Singh Jadon

  49. Recurrence Relations Arising from Confluent Hypergeometric Functions, 1393-1402
  50. Abrza Lensari, Mourad Rahmani

  51. Riemann Solitons on Almost Co-Kähler Manifolds, 1403-1413
  52. Gour Gopal Biswas, Xiaomin Chen, Uday Chand De

  53. Numerical Radius Inequalities for Products and Sums of Semi-Hilbertian Space Operators, 1415-1431
  54. Pintu Bhunia, Kais Feki, Kallol Paul