Volume 37, Number 24, 2023

  1. Extensions of Fejér type inequalities for GA-convex functions and related results, 8041-8055
  2. Muhammad Amer Latif

  3. Self-adjoint and non-self-adjoint extensions of symmetric q-Sturm–Liouville operators, 8057-8066
  4. Hamlet A. Isayev, Bilender P. Allahverdiev

  5. On holomorphic mappings with relatively p-compact range, 8067-8077
  6. A. Jiménez-Vargas

  7. Bounded version of approximate module character amenability of Banach algebras, 8079-8093
  8. Mina Ettefagh

  9. Analytical and numerical discussion for the quadratic integral equations, 8095-8111
  10. M. A. Abdel–Aty, M. A. Abdou

  11. Certain aspects of rough I-statistical convergence in probabilistic n-normed space, 8113-8130
  12. Binod Chandra Tripathy, Ömer Kişi, Mehmet Gürdal

  13. Fractional midpoint-type inequalities for twice-differentiable functions, 8131-8144
  14. Fatih Hezenci, Martin Bohner, Hüseyin Budak

  15. On the inverse KI -inequality for one class of mappings, 8145-8156
  16. Oleksandr Dovhopiatyi, Evgeny Sevost’yanov

  17. The generalized Khasminskii-type conditions in establishing existence, uniqueness and moment estimates of solution to neutral stochastic functional differential equations, 8157-8174
  18. Teodora Trifunović, Miljana Jovanović, Marija Milošević

  19. Stochastic controllability of a non-autonomous impulsive system with variable delays in control, 8175-8191
  20. Areefa Khatoon, Abdur Raheem, Asma Afreen

  21. Conformal vector fields and geometric solitons on the tangent bundle with the ciconia metric, 8193-8204
  22. Aydin Gezer, Lokman Bilen, Uday Chand De

  23. Continuity of pseudodifferential operators with nonsmooth symbols on mixed-norm Lebesgue spaces, 8205-8212
  24. Ivan Ivec

  25. SEP elements and solutions of related equations in a ring with involution, 8213-8228
  26. Anqi Li, Mengge Guan, Junchao Wei

  27. Characterizations of zero-divisor graphs of certain rings, 8229-8236
  28. Ruju Zhao, Junchao Wei

  29. Characterizations of weakly star-type Rothberger and Menger properties in hyperspaces, 8237-8245
  30. Ricardo Cruz-Castillo, Alejandro Ramı́rez-Páramo, Jesús F. Tenorio

  31. Anti-invariant and Clairaut anti-invariant pseudo-Riemannian submersions in para-Kenmotsu geometry, 8247-8259
  32. Esra Başarır Noyan, Yılmaz Gündüzalp

  33. Screen generic lightlike submanifolds of indefinite cosymplectic manifolds, 8261-8277
  34. Nergiz (Önen) Poyraz

  35. Solution of an integral equation in G -metric spaces, 8279-8287
  36. Arul Joseph Gnanaprakasam, Gunasekaran Nallaselli, Gunaseelan Mani, Ozgur Ege

  37. Existence and well-posed results for nonclassical diffusion systems with nonlocal diffusion, 8289-8307
  38. Nguyen Huy Tuan, Donal O’Regan, Nguyen Huu Can, Mai Quang Vinh

  39. Complete forcing numbers of catacondensed phenylene systems, 8309-8317
  40. Lina Wei, Hong Bian, Haizheng Yu, Guocan Lin

  41. The maximum signless Laplacian spectral radius of graphs with forbidden subgraphs, 8319-8330
  42. Dandan Chen, Xiaoling Ma

  43. Two families of circulant nut graphs, 8331-8360
  44. Ivan Damnjanović

  45. Variational inequality problem over the solution set of split monotone variational inclusion problem with application to bilevel programming problem, 8361-8376
  46. M. Eslamian

  47. An extension of the Euclidean Berezin number, 8377-8388
  48. Nooshin Eslami Mahdiabadi, Mojtaba Bakherad

  49. Approximation results for Beta Jakimovski-Leviatan type operators via q-analogue, 8389-8404
  50. Md. Nasiruzzaman, Mohammed A.O. Tom, Stefano Serra-Capizzano, Nadeem Rao, Mohammad Ayman-Mursaleen