Volume 36, Number 18, 2022

  1. Product-Type Operators Acting Between Dirichlet and Zygmund-Type Spaces, 6051-6070
  2. Kuldip Raj, Manisha Devi, M. Mursaleen

  3. New Inertial Approximation Schemes for General Quasi Variational Inclusions, 6071-6084
  4. Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor

  5. The MP Weak Group Inverse and its Application, 6085-6102
  6. Congcong Wang, Xiaoji Liu, Hongwei Jin

  7. On Triangular n−Matrix Rings Having Multiplicative Lie Type Derivations, 6103-6122
  8. Aisha Jabeen, Mohd Arif Raza, Musheer Ahmad

  9. On Erdös-Lax Inequality Concerning Polynomials, 6123-6128
  10. Irfan Ahmad Wani, Ishfaq Nazir, Mohammad Ibrahim Mir

  11. On Stancu Operators Depending on a Non-Negative Integer, 6129-6138
  12. Tuğba Bostancı, Gülen Başcanbaz-Tunca

  13. Generalized Inverses of Bounded Finite Potent Operators on Hilbert Spaces, 6139-6158
  14. Fernando Pablos Romo

  15. Geometry of Contact Skew CR-Warped Product Submanifolds of Sasakian Manifolds, 6159-6171
  16. Siraj Uddin, Falleh R. Al-Solamy, Fatimah Alghamdi, Reem Al-Ghefari

  17. On ⋆-Metric Spaces, 6173-6185
  18. S.Y. He, L.H. Xie, P.F. Yan

  19. Modified Bernstein-Kantorovich Operators Reproducing Affine Functions, 6187-6195
  20. Bin Zhang, Dansheng Yu, Fengfeng Wang

  21. The Competition-Independence Game with Prevention, 6197-6213
  22. Boštjan Brešar, Daša Mesarič Štesl

  23. Explicit Formulae for the Drazin Inverse of Anti-Triangular Block Matrices, 6215-6229
  24. Daochang Zhang, Dijana Mosić, Yu Jin

  25. Jordan (Lie) σ-Derivations on Path Algebras, 6231-6243
  26. Abderrahim Adrabi, Driss Bennis, Brahim Fahid

  27. Composition Operators on Normal Weight Dirichlet Space, 6245-6252
  28. Pengcheng Tang, Xuejun Zhang

  29. Generalized Form of Fixed-Point Theorems in Generalized Banach Algebra Relative to the Weak Topology with an Application, 6253-6268
  30. Aref Jeribi, Najib Kaddachi, Zahra Laouar

  31. Eigenvalue of (p, q)-Laplace System Along the Powers of Mean Curvature Flow, 6269-6278
  32. Apurba Saha, Shahroud Azami, Shyamal Kumar Hui

  33. A Discrete Boundary Value Problem with Point Interaction, 6279-6288
  34. Yelda Aygar, Turhan Koprubasi

  35. Minimization Problem of Proximal Point Algorithm in Complete CAT(0) Spaces, 6289-6298
  36. Sirous Moradi, Mohsen Tahernia

  37. Hyers-Ulam Stability of Fractional Integro-differential Equation with a Positive Constant Coefficient involving the Generalized Caputo Fractional Derivative, 6299-6316
  38. Ho Vu, Ngo Van Hoa

  39. Strongly Monotone Solutions of Systems of Nonlinear Differential Equations with Rapidly Varying Coefficients, 6317-6332
  40. Jelena V. Manojlović, Jelena S. Milošević

  41. Further Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities Involving Operator h-Convex Functions, 6333-6346
  42. Mustapha Raı̈ssouli, Lahcen Tarik, Mohamed Chergui, Bouazza El Wahbi

  43. Characterizations of Unconditionally Convergent and Weakly Unconditionally Cauchy Series via wpR -Summability, Orlicz-Pettis Type Theorems and Compact Summing Operator, 6347-6358
  44. Mahmut Karakuş, Feyzi Başar

  45. Matrix Transformations Between Certain New Sequence Spaces over Ultrametric Fields, 6359-6367
  46. P. N. Natarajan

  47. Lifts of Metallic Structure on a Cross-Section, 6369-6373
  48. Mohammad Nazrul Islam Khan, Uday Chand De

  49. Quasi-Menger and Weakly Menger Frames, 6375-6392
  50. Tilahun Bayih, Themba Dube, Oghenetega Ighedo

  51. On Free Locally Convex Spaces, 6393-6401
  52. Taras Banakh, Saak Gabriyelyan

  53. Weighted Generalized Tensor Functions Based on the Tensor-Product and their Applications, 6403-6426
  54. Yuhang Liu, Haifeng Ma