Western-Balkanship call open

UniAdrion introduce the “Western Balkanship” project, a pilot project funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation https://www.esteri.it/en/ (MAECI) through The Permanent Secretariat of the Adriatic Ionian Initiative Foundation https://www.aii-ps.org/about/working-structures/permanent-secretariat-ps (PS AII).

The Fora of Civil Society (Forum AIC  https://www.forumaic.org/ and UniAdrion https://www.uniadrion.net/) have been called to implement the project that will give the Students from UniAdrion Universities the possibility to carry out a three-month cross-border mobility in selected companies from the Adriatic and Ionian Area. 

For each selected student (one student from each UniAdrion University), financial support will be provided by the implementing partners (Forum AIC and UniAdrion) to partially contribute to the student's livelihood during the mobility period. The students will also be covered by insurance for civil liability, accidents at work, and medical health through the implementing partners. No costs will therefore be charged to companies and Universities taking part in the initiative.

The objectives of this project are many: strengthening international cooperation between countries, promoting mobility for structured cross-border mobilities,

creating new employment opportunities for young graduates and recent graduates, providing companies with specialised personnel and increasing the economic development of the area.

The students' mobility experience should be in line with their University career, therefore a representative from the University will be asked to sign the "Cross-border Mobility training project" to validate the experience of the student.

You can find more information about the Western-Balkanship Call at this link: https://www.forumaic.org/call-for-applications-westernbalkanship/?lang=en