Др Стево Најман

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Др Стево Најман


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Prof. Stevo Najman, PhD Professor of Biology and Genetics Faculty of Medicine Haed of Department of Biology and Human Genetics Haed of Scientific Research Center for Biomedicine University of Nis, Serbia                Professor Stevo Najman is working as full-time professor of Biology and Genetics at the Faculty of Medicine Nis and he is partially engaged professor at Faculty of Science Nis. At the Faculty of Medicine he performs functions: Haed of Department, Haed of Scientific Research Center and as member of professional bodies of Faculty and University. During her scientific career he coordinated and was involved in several scientific and educational projects (12). Professor Stevo Najman career in research has been devoted to phagocytic system in trauma and infection, hemopoiesis, induced cell maturation, previously, and to regeneration of sceletal tissues assisted by biomaterials and stem cells, as well as examination