Volume 37, Number 16, 2023

  1. Vector-valued nonuniform multiresolution analysis associated with linear canonical transform domain, 5165-5180
  2. M. Younus Bhat, Aamir H. Dar

  3. Best proximity point for generalized proximal contraction in a complete metric space, 5181-5193
  4. Penumarthy Parvateesam Murthy, Diana Dolićanin - Ðekić, Uma Devi Patel, Pusplata Sahu

  5. Domination and Korenblum constants for some function spaces, 5195-5213
  6. Cui Wang

  7. A Littlewood-type theorem for random weighted Bergman functions and random power series in L02,λ spaces, 5215-5224
  8. Cui Wang

  9. Approximation by trigonometric polynomials and Faber-Laurent rational functions in grand Morrey spaces, 5225-5242
  10. Sadulla Z. Jafarov

  11. Comparative index and Hörmander index in finite dimension and their connections, 5243-5257
  12. Julia Elyseeva, Peter Šepitka, Roman Šimon Hilscher

  13. New inequalities for (p, h)-convex functions for τ-measurable operators, 5259-5271
  14. Mohamed Amine Ighachane, Mohammed Bouchangour

  15. Essential norm of generalized integral type operator from QK(p, q) to Zygmund Spaces, 5273-5282
  16. Ayyoub Manavi, Mostafa Hassanlou, Hamid Vaezi

  17. On Sendov’s conjecture, 5283-5286
  18. Luminiţa-Ioana Cotı̂rlă, Róbert Szász

  19. Total controllability for noninstantaneous impulsive conformable fractional evolution system with nonlinear noise and nonlocal conditions, 5287-5299
  20. Hamdy M. Ahmed

  21. Aichinger equation on commutative semigroups, 5301-5311
  22. J. M. Almira

  23. Jacobson’s lemma and Cline’s formula for weighted generalized inverses in a ring with involution, 5313-5324
  24. Yukun Zhou, Jianlong Chen

  25. Subnormal n-th roots of matricially and spherically quasinormal pairs, 5325-5331
  26. Hranislav Stanković

  27. Characterizations and properties of the matrices A such that AA(L)(-1) − A(L)(-1)A are nonsingular, 5333-5346
  28. Jiabao Wu, Kezheng Zuo, Jiale Gao, Lu Zheng

  29. Further characterizations of k-generalized projectors and k-hypergeneralized projectors, 5347-5359
  30. Kezheng Zuo, Yu Li, Abdullah Alazemi

  31. The maximum and minimum value of homogeneous polynomial under different norms via tensors, 5361-5371
  32. Chunli Deng, Haifeng Li, Changjiang Bu

  33. Weighted Schrödinger- Kirchhoff type problem in dimension 2 with non-linear double exponential growth, 5373-5398
  34. Sami Baraket, Rached Jaidane

  35. On regular variations of fuzzy sequences via deferred statistical convergence, 5399-5412
  36. Pinakadhar Baliarsingh, Laxmipriya Nayak, Birupakhya Prasad Padhy, Hemen Dutta

  37. On the categories of probabilistic approach groups: actions, 5413-5426
  38. T.M.G. Ahsanullah, Fawzi Al-Thukair, Bhamini Nayar

  39. Contact screen transversal Cauchy-Riemann lightlike submanifolds of indefinite Sasakian manifolds, 5427-5441
  40. Nergı̇z (Önen) Poyraz

  41. On some inequalities for metallic Riemannian space forms, 5443-5454
  42. Majid Ali Choudhary, Siraj Uddin

  43. Approximation and existence of fixed points via interpolative enriched contractions, 5455-5467
  44. Shivam Rawat, Ayush Bartwal, R.C. Dimri

  45. Continuous dependence on parameters of differential inclusion using new techniques of fixed point theory, 5469-5484
  46. Vo Viet Tri

  47. On the p-Laplacian type equation with logarithmic nonlinearity: Existence, decay and blow up, 5485-5507
  48. Nazlı Irkıl

  49. Existence and L -estimates for non-uniformly elliptic equations with non-polynomial growths, 5509-5522
  50. Omar Benslimane, Ahmed Aberqi, Mhamed Elmassoudi