Volume 37, Number 21, 2023

  1. Two point Ostrowski and Ostrowski-Gruss type inequalities on time scales with applications, 6961-6975
  2. Sabir Hussain

  3. Cohomology and deformations of twisted O-operators on 3-Lie algebras, 6977-6994
  4. T. Chtioui, A. Hajjaji, S. Mabrouk, A. Makhlouf

  5. Lp-moment mixed quermassintegrals, 6995-7007
  6. Leiqin Yin, Yanli Guan, Wenxue Xu

  7. On submajorisation of the Rotfeld’s inequality, 7009-7015
  8. Maktagul Alday, Serik Kudaibergenov

  9. Semi P-geometric-arithmetically functions and some new related inequalities, 7017-7028
  10. Mahir Kadakal, İmdat İşcan, Huriye Kadakal

  11. On n-fractional polynomial P-functions, 7029-7039
  12. Selim Numan

  13. Bivariate Lupaş-Durrmeyer type operators involving Pólya distribution, 7041-7056
  14. Jyoti Yadav, S. A. Mohiuddine, Arun Kajla, Abdullah Alotaibi

  15. The admissible portfolio selection problem with transaction costs and a neural network scheme, 7057-7075
  16. Raziye Keyshams, Alireza Nazemi

  17. Pointwise bi-slant submanifolds of a Kenmotsu manifold, 7077-7090
  18. Arifa Naz, Viqar Azam Khan

  19. Some results on invariant submanifolds of a paracontact (κ, µ, ν)-space, 7091-7103
  20. Pakize Uygun

  21. Analysis of stable currents and homology of biwarped product submanifolds in the Euclidean space, 7105-7113
  22. Meraj Ali Khan, Cenep Ozel, Mohd Danish Siddiqi, Sudhakar Kumar Chaubeyi, Sadia Samar Ali

  23. Global existence for nonlinear diffusion with the conformable operator using Banach fixed point theorem, 7115-7130
  24. Ho Duy Binh, Nguyen Huu Can, Nguyen Van Tien

  25. Terminal value problem for neutral fractional functional differential equations with Hilfer-Katugampola fractional derivative, 7131-7147
  26. Soufyane Bouriah, Mouffak Benchohra, Selma Gülyaz Özyurt

  27. Iterative approximation of a solution of system of generalized nonlinear variational-like inclusions and a fixed point of total asymptotically nonexpansive mappings, 7149-7180
  28. Javad Balooee, Mihai Postolache, Yonghong Yao

  29. Subgradient-like extragradient algorithms for systems of variational inequalities with constraints, 7181-7197
  30. Lu-Chuan Ceng, Tzu-Chien Yin

  31. Some results for two classes of two-point local fractional proportional boundary value problems, 7199-7216
  32. Zaid Laadjal, Thabet Abdeljawad, Fahd Jarad

  33. Inverse coefficient problem for quasilinear pseudo-parabolic equation by Fourier method, 7217-7230
  34. İrem Bağlan, Ahmet Ocak Akdemir, Mustafa Ali Dokuyucu

  35. On fractional evolution equations with an extended Ψ−fractional derivative, 7231-7240
  36. Khadija Oufkir, Ali El Mfadel, Said Melliani, Mhamed Elomari, Hamid Sadiki

  37. Stability properties of fractional second linear multistep methods in the implicit form: Theory and applications, 7241-7253
  38. Safar Irandoust-Pakchin, Somaiyeh Abdi-Mazraeh, Shahram Rezapour

  39. Commutators of parameter Marcinkiwicz integral with functions in Campanato spaces on Orlicz-Morrey spaces, 7255-7273
  40. Heng Yang, Jiang Zhou

  41. Existence of solutions for a delay singular high order fractional boundary value problem with sign-changing nonlinearity, 7275-7286
  42. Erbil Çetin, Fatma Serap Topal

  43. Self-inversive polynomials and quasi-orthogonality on the unit circle, 7287-7302
  44. Kiran Kumar Behera

  45. On the solution of the operator Riccati equations and invariant subspaces in the weighted Bergman space of the unit ball, 7303-7310
  46. Ramiz Tapdigoglu, Mehmet Gürdal, Nur Sarı

  47. Some new Hardy inequalities in probability, 7311-7318
  48. Dawei Lu, Qing Liu

  49. Fixed points theorems for (φ, ψ, p)-weakly contractive mappings via w-distance in relational metric spaces with applications, 7319-7328
  50. Swati Antal, Deepak Khantwal, Smita Negi, U. C. Gairola