Volume 38, Number 5, 2024

  1. Some properties of tensorial perspective for convex functions of selfadjoint operators in Hilbert spaces, 1499-1511
  2. Silvestru Sever Dragomir

  3. Generating functions for divisor sums and totative sums arising from combinatorial Simsek numbers, 1513-1529
  4. Irem Kucukoglu

  5. Identities derived from a particular class of generating functions for Frobenius-Euler type Simsek numbers and polynomials, 1531-1545
  6. Erkan Agyuz

  7. Multiplicity of solutions for an elliptic problem involving GJMS operator, 1547-1569
  8. Mohamed El Farouk Ounane, Kamel Tahri

  9. Further additive results on the Drazin inverse, 1571-1582
  10. Daochang Zhang, Yue Zhao, Dijana Mosić

  11. On the LYJ (λ, µ, X) constant for the regular octagon space, 1583-1593
  12. Xiangrun Yang, Haiying Li, Changsen Yang

  13. Deferred statistical convergence of A-transformation of real valued sequences, 1595-1611
  14. Mehmet Küçükaslan, Fatih Temizsu, Muhammed Çıınar, Abdullah Aydın

  15. Convergence for m−positive currents and m−subharmonic functions, 1613-1622
  16. Jawhar Hbil, Mohamed Zaway

  17. Impact of Michaelis–Menten type harvesting of predators in a predator-prey model with Holling type II functional response and Allee effect on prey, 1623-1661
  18. Petar Ćirković, Jelena V. Manojlović

  19. The m-DMP inverse in Minkowski space and its applications, 1663-1679
  20. Jiale Gao, Kezheng Zuo, Qingwen Wang

  21. On Caputo fractional Bertrand curves in E3 and E13, 1681-1702
  22. Mert Tasdemir, Elif Özkara Canfes, Banu Uzun

  23. Characterizations of SEP elements in a ring with involution, 1703-1710
  24. Mengge Guan, Xinran Wang, Junchao Wei

  25. Some algebraic structures about Nijenhuis operators, 1711-1727
  26. Tianshui Ma, Mengqi Li, Huihui Zheng, Xiaofan Zhao

  27. Warped product pointwise semi-slant submanifolds of nearly Kaehler manifolds, 1729-1736
  28. Rawan Bossly, Lamia Saeed Alqahtani

  29. Trivial doubly warped products, 1737-1743
  30. Adara M. Blaga

  31. Some notes on topology of partially metric spaces, 1745-1750
  32. Mehdi Asadi

  33. The existence of best proximity points for cyclic quasi-φ-contractions in metric spaces, 1751-1761
  34. Akram Safari-Hafshejani

  35. Numerical solutions of nonlinear quadratic integral equations of Urysohn type on the half-line by using rational Legendre spectral method, 1763-1781
  36. Radjai Abir, Remili Walid, Rahmoune Azedine

  37. Rupture degree and weak rupture degree of gear graphs, 1783-1792
  38. V. Sheeba Agnes, R. Geethanjaliyadav

  39. Improved Jensen’s type inequality for (p, h)-convex functions via weak sub-majorization, 1793-1806
  40. Mohamed Amine Ighachane, Mohammed Bouchangour

  41. On generalized Milne type inequalities for new conformable fractional integrals, 1807-1823
  42. Barış Çelik, Hüseyin Budak, Erhan Set

  43. Approximation by N-dimensional max-product and max-min kind discrete operators with applications, 1825-1845
  44. İsmail Aslan, Türkan Yeliz Gökçer Ellidokuz

  45. On set-valued multiadditive functional equations, 1847-1857
  46. Eqbal Keyhani, Mahmoud Hassani, Abasalt Bodaghi

  47. Common fixed point theorems for generalized orthogonal contractions, 1859-1867
  48. Vildan Ozturk

  49. Universal functions for the Sharkovsky classes of maps, 1869-1876
  50. V. Kannan, Pabitra Narayan Mandal

  51. Fractional Hunkel transform of generalized function, 1877-1886
  52. Latifa El Bezdaoui, Abdelah Taqbibt, M’hamed Elomari, Lalla Saadia Chadli