Volume 37, Number 20, 2023

  1. The algebraic classification of nilpotent Novikov algebras, 6617-6664
  2. Kobiljon Abdurasulov, Ivan Kaygorodov, Abror Khudoyberdiyev

  3. Some new midpoint and trapezoidal type inequalities in multiplicative calculus with applications, 6665-6675
  4. Jianqiang Xie, Muhammad Aamir Ali, Thanin Sitthiwirattham

  5. Finite sum of weighted composition operators with closed range, 6677-6686
  6. Aboalghasem Alishahi, Saeedeh Shamsigamchi

  7. On the characterization of matrix domains using Cesàro and backward difference operators, 6687-6697
  8. Sukhdev Singh, Toseef Ahmed Malik

  9. Some remarks on I(Sθ)-summability via neutrosophic norm, 6699-6707
  10. Archana Sharma, Vijay Kumar, Inayat Rasool Ganaie

  11. Normality through sharing of pairs of functions with derivatives, 6709-6717
  12. Kuldeep Singh Charak, Manish Kumar, Anil Singh

  13. On the set of all generalized Drazin invertible elements in a ring, 6719-6725
  14. Fei Peng, Xiaoxiang Zhang

  15. Liftings from a Para-Sasakian manifold to its tangent bundles, 6727-6740
  16. Mohammad Nazrul Islam Khan

  17. On B-statistical uniform nonintegrability of a sequence of random variables, 6741-6750
  18. Mengru Chen, Guangying Li, Zhongzhi Wang, Yongjin Zhang

  19. Large deviations for stochastic pantograph integrodifferential equation, 6751-6766
  20. A. Siva Ranjani, M. Suvinthra, K. Balachandran

  21. On some new tpes of convergence for double-indexed sequences, 6767-6779
  22. Ya-hui Zhu, Wei-cai Peng, Zhong-zhi Wang, Yong-jin Zhang

  23. Continuity of the scattering function and Levinson type formula for Klein-Gordon s-wave equation with boundary conditon depends on spectral parameter, 6781-6791
  24. Esra Kir Arpat, Turhan Koprubasi

  25. Functional differential inclusions with maximal monotone operators and nonconvex perturbations, 6793-6811
  26. Myelkebir Aitalioubrahim, Taha Raghib

  27. Topological equicontinuity and topological uniform rigidity for dynamical system, 6813-6822
  28. Devender Kumar, Ruchi Das

  29. Some remarks for the antisymmetrically connected spaces, 6823-6834
  30. Filiz Yildiz, Nezakat Javanshir

  31. Canonical F-planar mappings of spaces with affine connection onto 3-symmetric spaces, 6835-6841
  32. Patrik Peška, Vladimir Berezovski, Yevhen Cherevko, Miloš Z. Petrović

  33. Hyperbolic Ricci soliton on warped product manifolds, 6843-6853
  34. Shahroud Azami, Ghodratallah Fasihi-Ramandi

  35. Compactness of boundary value problems for impulsive integro-differential equation, 6855-6866
  36. Moustafa Beddani, Hamid Beddani

  37. Existence of positive solutions for singular fractional boundary value problems with p-Laplacian, 6867-6876
  38. Nuket Aykut Hamal, Furkan Erkan

  39. Nonlocal semilinear Φ-Caputo fractional evolution equation with a measure of noncompactness in Banach space, 6877-6890
  40. Abdellah Taqbibt, M’hamed Elomari, Said Melliani

  41. Existence and Mittag-Leffler-Ulam-stability results of sequential fractional hybrid pantograph equations, 6891-6903
  42. Mohamed Houas, Mohamed I. Abbas, Francisco Martı́nez

  43. Existence results for some elliptic systems with perturbed gradient, 6905-6915
  44. Said Ait Temghart, Hasnae El Hammar, Chakir Allalou, Khalid Hilal

  45. Some binomial identities related to the Catalan triangles and the halves of the Pascal matrix, 6917-6924
  46. Lin Yang, Sheng-Liang Yang

  47. Some new refinements of numerical radius inequalities for Hilbert and semi-Hilbert space operators, 6925-6947
  48. Zakaria Taki, Mohamed Chraibi Kaadoud

  49. Revised algorithm for finding a common solution of variational inclusion and fixed point problems, 6949-6960
  50. Mudasir Younis, Aadil Hussain Dar, Nawab Hussain