Volume 37, Number 26, 2023

  1. Cocycle deformations for weak Hopf algebras, 8725-8745
  2. J.N. Alonso Álvarez, J.M. Fernández Vilaboa, R. González Rodrı́guez

  3. H-coloring revisited, 8747-8754
  4. Vladimir Božin, Ivan Lazarević

  5. ΨDOs with radial symbols and spaces of type G, 8755-8763
  6. Smiljana Jakšić, Stevan Pilipović

  7. Remark on the dilation of truncated Toeplitz operators, 8765-8776
  8. Eungil Ko, Ji Eun Lee

  9. Some Euclidean Berezin number inequalities of a pair of operators and their applications, 8777-8790
  10. Messaoud Guesba

  11. Conditional Wiener integral associated with Gaussian processes and applications, 8791-8811
  12. Jae Gil Choi

  13. Normal family of holomorphic mappings and a generalization of Lappan’s five-valued theorem to holomorphic mapping in several variables, 8813-8828
  14. Wei Chen, Jian Chen, Nguyen Van Thin

  15. Exponential stability of delayed neutral impulsive stochastic integro-differential systems perturbed by fractional Brownian motion and Poisson jumps, 8829-8844
  16. Youssef Benkabdi, El Hassan Lakhel

  17. The relaxed MGHSS-like method for absolute value equations, 8845-8865
  18. Xin-Hui Shao, Shao-Xiong Yang

  19. Matrices whose powers are eventually triangular, 8867-8885
  20. Chao Ma, Yali Ren, Zheng Li, Jin Zhong

  21. Curves of stationary acceleration according to alternative frame, 8887-8896
  22. İlkay Arslan Güven, Hasan Es, Yusuf Yaylı

  23. Global existence and exponential decay for Thermoelastic System with nonlinear distributed delay, 8897-8908
  24. Noureddine Taouaf, Billal Lekdim

  25. The expressions of the generalized inverses of the block tensor via the C-Product, 8909-8926
  26. Hongwei Jin, Mengyu He, Yuzhen Wang

  27. More on generalizations of topology of uniform convergence and m-topology on C(X), 8927-8939
  28. Pratip Nandi, Rakesh Bharati, Atasi Deb Ray, Sudip Kumar Acharyya

  29. Some properties of s-paratopological groups, 8941-8952
  30. Zhongbao Tang, Mengna Chen

  31. Some new neutrosophic normed sequence spaces defined by Jordan totient operator, 8953-8968
  32. Vakeel A. Khan, Mikail Et, Mohd. Faisal

  33. Elementary abelian group actions on a product of spaces of cohomology type (a, b), 8969-8973
  34. Hemant Kumar Singh, Konthoujam Somorjit Singh

  35. On projectively flat Finsler space with a cubic (α, β) metric, 8975-8982
  36. Brijesh Kumar Tripathi, Sadika Khan, V K Chaubey

  37. The multiplicity and asymptotic forms of eigenvalues of vectorial diffusion equations with some certain assumptions, 8983-8993
  38. Abdullah Ergün

  39. Root-multiplicity and root iterative refinement, 8995-9008
  40. Jovana Džunić

  41. Cyclic codes of length 5ps over Fpm + uFpm and their duals, 9009-9038
  42. Hai Q Dinh, Bac T Nguyen, Roengchai Tansuchat, Hiep L. Thi

  43. Minimum degree condition of Berge Hamiltonicity in random 3-uniform hypergraphs, 9039-9050
  44. Ailian Chen, Liping Zhang

  45. A generalization of the common fixed point theorem for normally 2-generalized hybrid mappings in Hilbert spaces, 9051-9062
  46. Atsumasa Kondo

  47. Topological properties of some multiplication operators on L(X), 9063-9077
  48. Ridha Sfaxi, Rihab Moalla, Aref Jeribi

  49. On fixed points of generalized Kannan and Reich type contractive mappings, 9079-9087
  50. Kushal Roy, Sayantan Panja, Mantu Saha, Ravindra K. Bisht