Volume 37, Number 28, 2023

  1. Abelian theorems involving the fractional wavelet transforms, 9453-9468
  2. H. M. Srivastava, Kush Kumar Mishra, S. K. Upadhyay

  3. Specific values of partial Bell polynomials and series expansions for real powers of functions and for composite functions, 9469-9485
  4. Feng Qi, Gradimir V. Milovanović, Dongkyu Lim

  5. Remarks on the sum of powers of normalized signless Laplacian eigenvalues of graphs, 9487-9496
  6. Şerife Burcu Bozkurt Altındağ, Igor Milovanović, Emina Milovanović, Marjan Matejić

  7. Fractional Maclaurin-type inequalities for multiplicatively convex functions and multiplicatively P-functions, 9497-9509
  8. Yu Peng, Tingsong Du

  9. Essentially left and right generalized Drazin invertible operators and generalized Saphar decomposition, 9511-9529
  10. Mirjana D. Dimitrijević, Snežana Č. Živković-Zlatanović

  11. (n1, · · ·, nd)-quasi-(p, q)-isometric commuting tuple of operators, 9531-9542
  12. Naeem Ahmad, E.S. Kamel, Sid Ahmed Ould Ahmed Mahmoud

  13. Matrix-valued Gabor frames over LCA groups for operators, 9543-9559
  14. Jyoti, Lalit Kumar Vashisht, Uttam Kumar Sinha

  15. A new perspective on Fibonacci and Lucas numbers, 9561-9574
  16. Nilay Değirmen, Cenap Duyar

  17. Certain properties of η-Ricci soliton on η-Einstein para-Kenmotsu manifolds, 9575-9585
  18. Priyanka Almia, Jaya Upreti

  19. Dispersive estimates for kinetic transport equation in modulation spaces, 9587-9593
  20. Zhen Chao, Jingchun Chen, Cong He

  21. (k, m, n)-partially isometric operators: A new generalization of partial isometries, 9595-9612
  22. Mohamed Amine Aouichaoui, Haı̈kel Skhiri

  23. The projectively Hurewicz property is t-invariant, 9613-9616
  24. Alexander V. Osipov

  25. Novel types of soft compact and connected spaces inspired by soft Q-sets, 9617-9626
  26. Abdelwaheb Mhemdi

  27. Framed clad helices in Euclidean 3-space, 9627-9640
  28. Mahmut Mak

  29. On the Gaussian curvature of timelike surfaces in Lorentz-Minkowski 3-space, 9641-9656
  30. Sümeyye Gür Mazlum

  31. The algebraic surfaces of the minimal-maximal surfaces, 9657-9668
  32. Erhan Güler, Ömer Kişi

  33. Fixed point of weak contraction mappings on suprametric spaces, 9669-9678
  34. Seher Sultan Yeşilkaya

  35. Existence and Hyers-Ulam stability for boundary value problems of multi-term Caputo fractional differential equations, 9679-9692
  36. Chen Chen, Li Liu, Qixiang Dong

  37. Elliptic Kirchhoff-type system with two convections terms and under Dirichlet boundary conditions, 9693-9707
  38. Noureddine Moujane, Mohamed El Ouaarabi, Chakir Allalou

  39. Fixed point results for a new multivalued Geraghty type contraction via CG -simulation functions, 9709-9727
  40. Abdellah Taqbibt, Mohamed Chaib, M’hamed Elomari, Said Melliani

  41. Weak solutions for elliptic problems in weighted anisotropic Sobolev space, 9729-9740
  42. Tahere Soltani, Abdolrahman Razani

  43. Global energy conservation for distributional solutions to incompressible Hall-MHD equations without resistivity, 9741-9751
  44. Fan Wu

  45. A generalized quaternionic sequence with Vietoris' number components, 9753-9768
  46. Gülsüm Yeliz Şentürk

  47. Cesàro convergence of sequences of bi-complex numbers using BC-Orlicz function, 9769-9775
  48. Subhajit Bera, Binod Chandra Tripathy

  49. Hermite-Hadamard type inequalities for exponential type multiplicatively convex functions, 9777-9789
  50. Serap Özcan