Volume 37, Number 23, 2023

  1. On characteristic functions of generalized resolvents generated by integral equations with operator measures, 7699-7718
  2. Vladislav M. Bruk

  3. A new approach for Hardy spaces with variable exponents on spaces of homogeneous type, 7719-7739
  4. Jian Tan

  5. Bounded approximate version of module character contractibility of Banach algebras, 7741-7759
  6. Mina Ettefagh

  7. An exact computation for mixed multifractal dimensions of sets and measures, 7761-7769
  8. Sabrine Arfaoui, Anouar Ben Mabrouk

  9. Judgement of two Weyl type theorems for bounded linear operators, 7771-7780
  10. Tengjie Zhang, Xiaohong Cao

  11. Extension of the generalized n-strong Drazin inverse, 7781-7790
  12. Dijana Mosić, Honglin Zou, Long Wang

  13. The average behaviour of a hybrid arithmetic function associated to cusp form coefficients over certain sparse sequence, 7791-7806
  14. Guodong Hua

  15. The Bishop’s property (β) for class A operators, 7807-7812
  16. Atsushi Uchiyama, Kotaro Tanahashi

  17. Nonautonomous impulsive differential equations of alternately advanced and retarded type, 7813-7829
  18. Kuo-Shou Chiu, Isabel Berna Sepúlveda

  19. Existence of best proximity points for the sum of two operators, 7831-7837
  20. G. Poonguzali, Zorana Golubović, Stojan Radenović

  21. β-Dirac systems, 7839-7848
  22. Bilender P. Allahverdiev, Hüseyin Tuna

  23. Solvability of (P, Q)-functional integral equations of fractional order using generalized Darbo’s fixed point theorem, 7849-7865
  24. Anupam Das, Bipan Hazarika, Mohammad Mursaleen, Hemant Kumar Nashine, Vahid Parvaneh

  25. Some new parameterized inequalities based on Riemann–Liouville fractional integrals, 7867-7880
  26. Hasan Kara, Hüseyin Budak, Ahmet Ocak Akdemir

  27. Marcinkiewicz strong laws for weighted sums under the sub-linear expectations, 7881-7890
  28. Fengxiang Feng, Xiang Zeng

  29. A reliable approach of Ramadan group integral and projected differential transform methods to system of nonlinear partial differential equations, 7891-7903
  30. Mohamed A. Ramadan, Heba M. Arafa

  31. Derivation extensions on Leibniz triple systems, 7905-7918
  32. Xueru Wu, Liangyun Chen, Yao Ma

  33. The weak group-star matrix, 7919-7935
  34. Jiaxuan Yao, Hongwei Jin, Xiaoji Liu

  35. Characterization of bi-slant submanifolds of paraSasakian manifold, 7937-7953
  36. S. K. Srivastava, M. Dhiman, K. Sood, Meraj Ali Khan

  37. Fixed point theorem for a new SF -GF -contraction mappings in metric space with supportive applications, 7955-7971
  38. Abdellah Taqbibt, Mohamed Chaib, M’hamed Elomari, Said Melliani

  39. On the distribution of eigenvalues of the reciprocal distance Laplacian matrix of graphs, 7973-7980
  40. S. Pirzada, Saleem Khan

  41. Some comments on τ-distance and existence theorems in complete metric spaces, 7981-7992
  42. Tomonari Suzuki

  43. Generalized Mahalanobis distance and its application in detecting matrix outliers, 7993-8011
  44. Amir Rezaei, Kambiz Ahmadi

  45. Some approximation results on Chlodowsky type q−Bernstein-Schurer operators, 8013-8028
  46. Reşat Aslan, M. Mursaleen

  47. Harmonic trigonometrically convexity, 8029-8038
  48. Huriye Kadakal

  49. Erratum: S-Zariski Topology on S-Spectrum of Modules, 8039-8039
  50. Eda Yıldız, Bayram Ali Ersoy, Ünsal Tekir