Volume 38, Number 4, 2024

  1. The φ-mixed affine surface areas, 1143-1152
  2. Chang-Jian Zhao

  3. Linear relations generated by integral equations with Nevanlinna operator measures, 1153-1183
  4. Vladislav M. Bruk

  5. Matrix transformation and application of Hausdorff measure of non-compactness on newly defined Fibo-Pascal sequence spaces, 1185-1196
  6. Muhammet Cihat Dağlı, Taja Yaying

  7. Statistical order limit points in Riesz spaces, 1197-1202
  8. Sabahattin Ilbıra, Abdullah Aydın

  9. Landau-type theorems for some polyharmonic mappings and log-p-harmonic mappings, 1203-1219
  10. Xiu-Lian Fu, Xi Luo

  11. Impact of Allee effect in Leslie-Gower model with increasing functional response, 1221-1254
  12. Predrag Z. Djordjević, Jelena V. Manojlović

  13. Some remarks for subclasses of bi-univalent functions defined by Ruscheweyh derivative operator, 1255-1264
  14. Pishtiwan Othman Sabir

  15. New inequalities related to entropy and relative entropy with respect to Hermite-Hadamard inequality, 1265-1277
  16. Yamin Sayyari, Hasan Barsam

  17. On some m-symmetric generalized hypergeometric d-orthogonal polynomials, 1279-1289
  18. Mongi Blel

  19. The symbolic approach to study the family of Appell-λ matrix polynomials, 1291-1304
  20. Umme Zainab, Nusrat Raza

  21. New criteria for blow up of fractional differential equations, 1305-1315
  22. Yeqing Shan, Guangying Lv

  23. Approximation by Szász-integral type operators, 1317-1327
  24. Arun Kajla, Sahil Berwal, Priya Sehrawat

  25. Some bounds on the Aα -energy of graphs, 1329-1341
  26. Lianlian Zhou, Dan Li, Yuanyuan Chen, Jixiang Meng

  27. Geometric inequalities for CR δ-invariant on generic statistical submanifolds, 1343-1355
  28. Aliya Naaz Siddiqui, Ali Hussain Alkhaldi, Mohammad Hasan Shahid

  29. Ideal epi-convergence of sequences of functions, 1357-1366
  30. Şükrü Tortop

  31. On convergence of certain Hermite-type operators, 1367-1374
  32. Vijay Gupta, Deepak Malik

  33. Some new criteria for identifying H-matrices, 1375-1387
  34. Yan Li, Xiaoyong Chen, Yaqiang Wang

  35. Endomorphism rings and formal matrix rings of pseudo-projective modules, 1389-1400
  36. Dao Thi Trang, Banh Duc Dung

  37. Some homological properties on generalized amalgamated Banach algebras, 1401-1412
  38. S. Barootkoob, H. Lakzian

  39. Nonlinear maps preserving sums of triple products on ∗-algebras, 1413-1422
  40. João Carlos da Motta Ferreira, Maria das Graças Bruno Marietto

  41. On the curvatures of timelike circular surfaces in Lorentz-Minkowski space, 1423-1437
  42. Jing Li, Zhichao Yang, Yanlin Li, R. A. Abdel-Baky, M. Khalifa Saad

  43. On Bishop frame of a partially null curve in Minkowski space-time E14, 1439-1449
  44. Jelena Djordjević, Emilija Nešović

  45. Geodesic equations of Weyl conformal gravity theory in CSS metric, 1451-1464
  46. Nenad Dj. Lazarov, Ivan Forgiarini

  47. Some properties of the matrix related to q-coloured coordination number, 1465-1477
  48. Huyile Liang, Jinyang Zhang, Yu Wang

  49. Orthogonal F-weak contraction mapping in orthogonal metric space, fixed points and applications, 1479-1488
  50. Deepak Kumar, Astha Malhotra

  51. Existence and uniqueness results on coupled Caputo-Hadamard fractional differential equations in a bounded domain, 1489-1496
  52. Karthikeyan Buvaneswari, Panjaiyan Karthikeyan, Kulandhivel Karthikeyan, Ozgur Ege

  53. Corrigendum: Correction of the author’s name, 1497-1497
  54. Editor-In-Chief