Volume 38, Number 2, 2024

  1. Conformal (σ, τ)-derivations on Lie conformal algebras, 357-368
  2. Tianqi Feng, Jun Zhao, Liangyun Chen

  3. On the structure of graded 3-Lie-Rinehart algebras, 369-392
  4. Valiollah Khalili

  5. Some new characterizations of normal matrices, 393-404
  6. Chunmei Peng, Hainan Zhou, Junchao Wei

  7. On ϕ-S-1-absorbing δ-primary ideals of commutative rings, 405-420
  8. Ameer Jaber

  9. A new generalization of min and max matrices and their reciprocals counterparts, 421-435
  10. Carlos M. da Fonseca, Can Kızılateş, Nazlıhan Terzioğlu

  11. The weighted numerical radius in Hilbert C -modules, 437-448
  12. Xiujiao Chi, Pengtong Li

  13. Singular solutions of a fractional Dirichlet problem in a punctured domain, 449-472
  14. Sana Salah, Faten Toumi, Mohamed Hbaib

  15. Existence results for non-instantaneous impulsive Riemann-Liouville fractional stochastic differential equations with delay, 473-486
  16. Fatima Zahra Arioui

  17. On behaviours for the solution to a certain third-order stochastic integro-differential equation with time delay, 487-504
  18. A. M. Mahmoud, D. A. M. Bakhit

  19. Higher order class of finite difference method for time-fractional Liouville-Caputo and space-Riesz fractional diffusion equation, 505-521
  20. Safar Irandoust-Pakchin, Somaiyeh Abdi-Mazraeh, Iraj Fahimi-Khalilabad

  21. Korovkin-type theorems via some modes of convergence, 523-530
  22. Tuncay Tunc, Alper Erdem

  23. Certain vector fields on f -Kenmotsu manifold with Schouten-van Kampen connection, 531-541
  24. Vaishali Sah, Sarvesh Kumar Yadav, Jaya Upreti

  25. Almost ∗-Ricci solitons on contact strongly pseudo-convex integrable CR-manifolds, 543-551
  26. H. Aruna Kumara, Karabi Sikdar, V. Venkatesha

  27. Pseudo generalized quasi-Einstein manifolds with applications to general relativity, 553-567
  28. Mohd Vasiulla, Mohabbat Ali

  29. Remarks on pseudocovering spaces in a digital topological setting: A corrigendum, 569-576
  30. Sang-Eon Han

  31. Uniformly continuous extension in L-uniform convergence tower spaces, 577-588
  32. Gunther Jäger

  33. Generalized solution of Burger equation, 589-597
  34. Soukaina Sadek, Lalla saadia Chadli, Abdelaziz Moujahid, M’hamed Elomari, Said Melliani

  35. Calibration estimator of population mean in stratified extreme ranked set sampling with simulation study, 599-608
  36. Arzu Ece Çetin, Nursel Koyuncu

  37. On Stirling and Bell numbers of order 1/2, 609-619
  38. Matthias Schork

  39. On the solution set of additive and multiplicative congruences modulo primes, 621-635
  40. Tianxin Cai, Zhongyan Shen, Peng Yang

  41. Relating the annihilation number and the 2-domination number for unicyclic graphs, 637-643
  42. Xinying Hua

  43. Solving nonlinear matrix and Riesz-Caputo fractional differential equations via fixed point theory in partial metric spaces, 645-660
  44. Hemant Kumar Nashine, Reena Jain, Zoran Kadelburg

  45. Strict fixed point and Ulam-Hyers stability of multivalued asymptotically regular mappings, 661-668
  46. Dolapo Muhammed Oyetunbi, Abdul Rahim Khan, Khairul Saleh

  47. Resolvent operator technique and iterative algorithms for system of generalized nonlinear variational inclusions and fixed point problems: Variational convergence with an application, 669-704
  48. Javad Balooee, Suliman Al-Homidan

  49. New generalized blended trigonometric Bézier curves with one shape parameter, 705-725
  50. Harmanjit Kaur, Meenu Rani Goyal

  51. Different types of approximation operators on Gn-CAS via ideals, 727-741
  52. Oya Bedre Özbakir, Esra Dalan Yildirim, Aysegül Çaksu Güler

  53. On density topology using ideals in the space of reals, 743-768
  54. Amar Kumar Banerjee, Indrajit Debnath